Charitable Giving

Chimp Management Ltd is an organisation whose primary focus is supporting people to achieve a better quality of life. The organisation recognises the important role that charities play within society and has in the past made donations to a variety of different charitable organisations, focusing mainly on children’s and animal charities.

What types of charitable giving does Chimp Management Ltd offer?

Chimp Management Ltd offers organisations with charitable aims the opportunity to apply for financial assistance and/or mentoring from the Chimp Management team.

What types of charitable organisation does Chimp Management Ltd support?

Please see here the charities currently and previously supported by Chimp Management Ltd. We will support charitable organisations that work with the following:

  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Groups & individuals with mental health disorders
  • Current victims and survivors of traumatic incidents (to include inflicted abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse, homelessness)
  • Groups with physical impairments
  • Groups and individuals from impoverished backgrounds
  • Domestic animals
  • Wildlife

How does the application process work?

In order to be eligible for donation, you will need to fulfil the requirements described in our Charitable Giving Policy.

If your organisation meets the criteria listed, you can apply below by completing and submitting the Charities Assistance Request Form.

What happens then?

Chimp Management Ltd will process your application details and run checks on your organisation.

What happens if our application is successful?

If your application is successful, Chimp Management Ltd will contact you to agree on:

  • The assistance we can provide
  • How the assistance will be implemented
  • The continuing requirements from you as one of our chosen charitable organisations

How can my organisation apply?

Please find the Charities Assistance Request Form below.