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These are current and past charities supported by Chimp Management Ltd.



Mentor Charity Locations UK

We previously have not mandated monitoring information from the charities we have supported therefore it is impossible to define outcomes or impact achieved, however going forward there will be a requirement of a monitoring report detailing any outputs.

The circa £50,000 charity contribution represents 5% of gross turnover which is above the industry norm of 1%.

It is a pleasure to know that we work in a company with colleagues who as a collective and individually have such an altruistic outlook and have contributed handsomely over the previous year to such a varied range of excellent causes.

Further Chimp charity info can be found at

Chris Gooder Working with Young People’s Health Project

In May 2017, Chris Gooder from Chimp Management kindly visited Suffolk Young People’s Health Project (also known as ‘4YP’) to deliver your very kind £500 donation in support of our charitable services. You will no doubt be pleased to learn that your contribution has been invaluable in our work to support mental and emotional wellbeing in recent months.


For example, 4YP’s counselling provision, possibly the largest such service for young people in the county, offers more than 100 individuals a session each week. In addition to this, the administration team communicate with countless others – young people and family members – in a compassionate and non-judgemental manner. Feedback tells us this is an essential step in the therapeutic process, often being the first time people have been listened to and had their issues taken seriously.
The main presenting issues from 2016-17 offer an indication of problems Counsellors have been addressing since May. These included anger (in 19.3% of cases), depression/low mood (24.1%), poor confidence/self-esteem (8.9%), and anxiety (33.0%). Poor relationships (including families) were linked to 40.5% of all cases, while bullying featured in 6.1 %. Those aged 14 and 15 made up 47.7% of all young people receiving counselling, emphasising the need for interventions at this stage in life.

Youth Work

We offer a multitude of activities that support emotional wellbeing, from ad hoc drop-in advice and guidance, to workshops in schools, and informally educating and improving the link between mood and physical health and fitness.
Between 01 April and 30 September 2017, 4YP’s Young People’s Workers supported 2,966 contacts. It is their approachable and trustworthy nature that continues to ensure young people recognise 4YP as the sanctuary they need, while their knowledge and experience are pivotal to improved health and wellbeing. Aside from our usual objectives, we have noticed signposting for parents, family members and carers has become more common over the past 12 months.
We know young people who lack resilience and support networks often turn to risk-taking behaviours to cope. This can manifest dangerously as substance misuse, poor sexual practices, suicidal ideation, and anti-social or criminal behaviours.
As such, and in addition to our usual activities – such as single gender sessions, getting active groups, volunteering opportunities, sexual health support, and emotional wellbeing workshops – in the period since receiving your donation we have strengthened how our wrap-around youth work supports the hundreds of young people who access 4YP counselling.
We have increased coordination between counselling and youth work activities to ensure we provide even more effective wrap-around support for each young person while they are on the waiting list, plus alongside and after counselling. This has led to a remarkable change. Until around a year ago, the counselling waiting list rarely dropped below 200 young people


The Ark, Ashbourne Animal Welfare logo

The Ark, Ashbourne Animal Welfare, April 2017

Ashbourne Animal Welfare recently received £500 from Tim Buckle on behalf of Chimp Management Ltd as part of its ongoing commitment to the valuable work it undertakes to give a second chance of a happy life to unwanted stray cats and dogs.

Suffolk Young Persons Charity 4YP boost from Chimp Management Ltd

Staff, youngsters and Psychological Skills Mentor Chris Gooder at Suffolk 4YP being presented with £500 from Chris Gooder on behalf of Chimp Management Limited as part of its ongoing commitment to supporting charities. 

Chimp Management Limited and CEO, Professor Steve Peters, chose the 4YP because of its work in helping young people aged 12-25 with emotional; physical and mental wellbeing, which parallels with his work in sports psychiatry and mental health.

Proceeds of Professor Peters Talk Raises £2,500 for Local Hospice

Professor Steve Peters kindly offered his services to support Blyth House Hospice in Chapel-en-le-Frith on Friday 3rd March. Blythe House Hospice offers free, individualised, holistic care and support for anyone in the High Peak living with cancer or other serious, life threatening illness.

Professor Peters delivered the interactive presentation “Getting the best out of yourself and others” to an audience of around 200 people. The evening raised £2,500 for Blythe House Hospice.

As part of our charitable works, Chimp Management Ltd deliver numerous charitable keynotes and towards the end of 2016, our mentor Dr Trevor Gedeon spoke at The British Medical Association (BMA) for which the company received £100, to donate to a charity of its choice.   On this occasion we chose Blythe House and it was a pleasure for our team mentors Adam Wright and Tim Buckle to donate a cheque for a further £100.

Professor Peters will be speaking to the general public again on Friday 8th September at Buxton Opera House. More information on how to purchase tickets will be made available shortly.

House Building Trip in Kenya with Gathimba Edwards Foundation

Keen to support charities, Professor Steve Peters and Chimp Management Ltd offered their support to the Gathimba Edwards Foundation in early 2016.

The chance to build houses in rural Kenya for families in need, proved to be an exceptionally popular opportunity amongst the team of mentors. The selection process was decided by competitive application and after much deliberation Laura Fishenden and Jess Thom were selected to represent Chimp Management Ltd for 2016. Chimp Management Ltd pledged £2k to cover their flights and accommodation with the proviso that Laura and Jess ran their own fundraising campaigns. Their efforts were exceptional, with Jess and Laura exceeding their £500 target, by raising a combined total of £1211. This pot of money was a significant contribution towards building materials for the project.

On 8th October 2016 Jess and Laura embarked on their trip to Kenya for 9 days to be part of a group of 25 volunteers that would build 5 homes for families in Iten, Kenya. Their efforts helped to provide housing and beds to 25 children.

On behalf of Gathimba Edwards Foundation, their Ambassador Becky Lyne received a further £500 donation from Chimp Management Ltd. This will be used to fund the school fees of 11 boys, who are part of the Chaka Youth Football Project.

Plans are now in hand, for October 2017, to send two more team members out to Kenya working on a similar project.

Chimp Management and Spacious Places

spacious places logo
Spacious Places is a voluntary alcohol and drug rehabilitation service in Leeds for people who are abstinent from substances and need support with a programme of recovery.

Graham Fell, Therapeutic Manager, contacted Steve Peters, after sharing the teachings from the book within his group at Spacious Places. News of their enthusiasm spread to a local theatre group who decided to write a play – Drink with the Chimp! Steve was present at the opening night of the play.

Under our umbrella of trying to help local charities Dr Trevor Gedeon – forensic psychiatrist and Chimp Management Psychological skills mentor – delivered a series of free workshops for a select cohort of clients at Spacious Places. The aim was to explore drug and alcohol rehabilitation and recovery through the lens of the Chimp model.

A selected group of 25 Spacious Places clients attended 8 bespoke and interactive workshops for 2 hours every week. The aims of the programme were to give clients the insight and skills to understand and manage their psychological universe and that of those around them. Having these skills helped the clients to manage all aspects of their lives and specifically the factors that were related to their history of alcohol and substance use.

The course was extremely well received, with a very well engaged, committed and enthusiastic group. Wellbeing measures were taken at the start and end of the course and there was a statistically significant improvement following the 8 sessions.




Chimp Management Limited Charitable Partners

LogoCharity NameUrlAbout
Gathimba Edwards Foundationgathimbaedwardsfoundation.orgGathimba Edwards Foundation was set up to give kids in Kenya a chance.
With numerous projects across Kenya our aim is to help disadvantaged children get a start in life, whether it be food, education or shelter and giving them the opportunity to not only live their lives as children but also to develop as adults.
Ashbourne Animal Welfare Ark Logo v3p2010 2273px * 2481pxAshbourne Animal 1988, Ashbourne Animal Welfare has given a second chance of a happy life to almost 8000 unwanted stray cats and dogs. We keep them safe and healthy at our rescue and rehoming centre, The Ark, in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, providing TLC and veterinary care whilst they wait for that right person or family to come along. We always neuter, helping reduce the numbers of unwanted cats and dogs. The Ark has modern comfortable facilities, including isolation and recovery areas, a maternity unit for cats, cat cuddling rooms with access to gardens as well as exercise paddocks for the dogs, The Dog House (a quiet room), The Ark Academy (for dog training) and 6 acres of grounds for walks. We are a small, independent charity and rely on the generosity of our supporters and our own fundraising efforts to carry out our animal welfare work.
4YP-Logo-150px-122px4YP (Suffolk Young People's Health Project) Young People’s Health Project (also known as ‘4YP’) provides and co-ordinates services that aim to improve the social, emotional, and physical health and wellbeing of 12-25 year olds in Suffolk, England.
Filling gaps in statutory support, our services enable intervention and prevention of wide-ranging issues through the provision of advice, guidance, practical support, and informal education. Services are confidential and offered for free. These include one-to-one and group youth work drop-in activities, counselling, a sexual health clinic, and facilities such as laundry, kitchen, and computers.
Working from our centre in Ipswich and in outreach in community locations (e.g. schools), we meet the needs of some of the most vulnerable and isolated local young people. Supporting more than 12,000 contacts with young people annually, Suffolk Young People’s Health Project equips them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence required to live healthier, safer, happier, and more fulfilling lives.
PrintJOY Clinic & Hospice, Mbale Town and Buwasunguyi Health charity operates two facilities in eastern Uganda: JOY Clinic & Hospice in Mbale town and Buwasunguyi Health Centre, 35km away. Both were established by Dr Janet White from 1998, now with around 30 staff. These include clinical officers, registered nurses, midwives, laboratory technicians and ancillary staff. JOY Clinic & Hospice is a 10-bedded unit and treats all-comers, but has many older patients with chronic diseases. (No other unit in Uganda has dedicated palliative care beds.)
Buwasunguyi Health Centre concentrates on antenatal care, safe deliveries and infant immunisation, but also offers treatment of all-comers.
Because over 80% of the population are subsistence farmers, rural health facilities are rarely self-sufficient. These facilities can continue only through the generous support of philanthropists such as Professor Peters.




Charities Attached to Chimp Management Staff

Chimp Management Ltd staff are encouraged as part of the company's values to pursue charity activities. Here's a matrix of charities supported by our staff.