What do people say about working with Chimp Management?

Do you want to find out more about how we’ve helped people – individuals, teams and organisations – to become more confident, more successful and happier in their lives?

Gathered below are a few excerpts from the feedback we’ve received from our clients.  If you’d like more detailed and specific examples of how we could help you, please use our Contact page, and we’ll respond to your enquiry at our earliest opportunity.

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Testimonials about our Health Directorate programmes

‘Life Changing…. Truly Life changing, Big Thank you!’

GP, West Cheshire CCG

‘I have achieved so many of my ‘magic wands’. I have started to lose weight. I have taken steps to achieve my next career move, I am more confident to speak out”

“Thank you. It is no exaggeration that this course has made huge changes to my life. Amazing – everyone should do it”

West Cheshire CCG

“Very helpful and thought provoking. A calming influence for my family and I’

GP, West Cheshire CCG

“Thank you, I have gained so much from the course, it has completely changed my mindset and I am much more aware of how I react to things’

West Cheshire CCG

“Very helpful course, it has changed my life, hopefully forever’

GP, West Cheshire CCG

Dr Sarah Caddy kindly delivered a talk at the University of Sheffield to an audience of postgraduate researchers as part of a postgraduate researcher day, a conference designed by students for students. The talk was fantastically executed, contained just the right information to keep the audience intrigued for the duration and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. It was fun, engaging and interactive which is exactly what we wanted for the day. We received some fantastic feedback and Dr Caddy’s talk was a highlight of the day. I would highly recommend a talk from the Chimp Management team to anyone seeking new ideas on how to keep motivated and productive. It has undoubtedly provided the postgraduate students of the University of Sheffield Medical faculty some food for thought on how to keep motivated throughout our PhDs!

Postgraduate Research student, University of Sheffield

“Brilliant course, It has definitely changed my life’

GP, West Cheshire CCG

“Really useful course which has helped me during a very emotional time. My mum has dementia and has had to go into a home today [on the last day of 8 sessions of the course] following a mental health hospital admission which has lasted the past 6 weeks. The course has helped me to accept that I have done everything I could have”

Delegate on West Cheshire CCG CHIMP management programme

“Fantastic course, really enjoyed it and learnt so much”

GP, West Cheshire CCG

‘This course has truly changed my life. It opened my eyes. Since then and with the resources learned I had been able to help many patients but especially myself. People around me can tell the difference. I have strongly recommended this course to other colleagues.’

GP, West Cheshire CCG

I was invited to a Chimp Management course with little background knowledge but an open mind. I’ve never felt like a person that adversely suffers with or from stress but I recognise now that I probably do more than I realised.

I knew something wasn’t right in my life before the course. I have two baby boys so life had changed dramatically in recent years and after Chimp Management it felt as if a weight had been lifted, being able to talk to other people with both similar and completely different issues was really fantastic. There were moments during the course that I felt completely abnormal but as it was explained I soon realised what I feel is normal and shared by others, what a great feeling.

I have never felt like something ‘clicked’ in the same way before – am I converted and it taught me a lot about myself and why I deal with certain things in my life in an unconstructive way – that bloody chimp!!

I have to say that that night (me and my partners first ‘date night’ in three years) it was all we talked about, I chewed her ear off! It was genuinely eye opening and was the first time in a very long time that I actually got to think about myself for a change, which I hope doesn’t sound too selfish.

I want to give a massive thank you to Sarah for a great course and life changing day. One of the best days I’ve had, Chimp Management will be a part of my life forever.

(The course) taught me things about myself I didn’t even know to look for – Thank you.

Delegate, Dealing with stress workshop, May 2015

Testimonials from our sport clients

Nothing comes close to this model. It really does offer simple but effective ways on how to really improve your life.
Ronnie O’Sullivan
(5 times Snooker World Champion)

Sarah’s influence on my career achievements have been astronomical! She has introduced me to the concept of chimp management, helping me to understand both myself and others. It’s literally like I have put on a pair of glasses! Her patient and genuine guidance has allowed me to develop many life-long skills resulting in better performance and making both competing and life in general more enjoyable
Jenny Meadows
European and World medallist 800m

The Chimp Management model is a hugely powerful system for understanding your own and others’ minds. In my opinion, nothing I have come across is so good at explaining why sometimes people think and act in ways that are clearly not helpful to them.

The things I learned are invaluable to me as an athlete, but, in some ways more importantly, are not just limited to the sporting world and are applicable, useful and powerful in day to day living.
Etienne Stott
MBE (2012 Olympic Champion, C2)

As an athlete I was aware how powerful the mind can be in athletic performance. I had worked with a couple of sports psychologists in the past but I continued to struggle to learn and acquire the skills I wanted to use my mind to bring out the very best in me. Since working with Yvie Ryan 12 months ago, that changed. The Chimp Model provides clear and logical explanations as to how and why my mind works as it does. With that knowledge, Yvie was able to help me acquire skills and tools which I could use in training and then apply in races. Through developing a better understanding of myself, I learnt that I could choose how I responded to situations, which resulted in a much more positive approach to my training and racing.

I went from being an athlete who raced with anxiety, trying to achieve results to one who races with clear process-driven goals, focusing purely on what is within my control and with the ultimate objective of producing my very best performance irrespective of outcome. The stress of racing has been replaced with excitement to discover how hard I can push myself to be the very best athlete I can.
Clare Cunningham
Paralympic triathlete

Other Testimonials

An Introduction the The Chimp Model: A Talk by Prof. Steve Peters

We were a small group of Oxfam fund raisers wondering who to ask to speak at our first ever dinner. I volunteered to email Prof Steve Peters to see if he would consider helping us. Of course we expected a polite refusal but to our amazement Steve did come to speak at our dinner which therefore expanded in to a talk for almost 300 people. Not only that he brought his team and they stayed until every single person wanting to speak to them had had that opportunity. I felt that although Steve and his team had come along to support our charity they also actually cared about every single person in that room and wanted to help everybody they possibly could. Steve and his team are such generous people at every level, because of them we raised £3500 to help alleviate poverty all over the world, while also helping around 300 people to improve their quality of life. I just can’t thank them enough (Nov. 2015). Photos.
Jill Stocks
Chair of High Peak Oxfam Group

(Book) The Chimp Paradox: The Mind Management Programme for Confidence, Success & Happiness

bookOften when you buy a book it simply becomes no more than an ornament that gathers dust. Maybe you read a chapter and it gets relegated to the bottom shelf never to be seen again, until it’s time for that annual clear out. It’s not very often you come across a book where every chapter is packed full of information that is so easy to understand so easily applicable in life yet so powerful. Often books run out of gas towards the end, but The Chimp Paradox just gets better and better with every chapter.

One of the things that is so great about The Chimp Paradox is that it can be applied in an endless number of arenas. Whether you want to become a better parent, husband, sportsman or business owner what you will learn can be applied. I can honestly say it has hepled me in all of these areas. Not many books can have a life changing influence on you but this certainly fits into this category. It’s one that will sit proudly on the top shelf dust free as it will be read again and again. Like a childs favourite movie that they insist on watching over and over again.

One thing we all know is that the human mind is complex. Yet the key to life is understanding it and in essence ourselves in order that we can reach our objectives and peice of mind. Dr Steve Peters has created a mind management model that is so easy to understand. It explains why we do what we do and what to do if we so desire to change it. It explains why you may have failed in the past. Maybe you have set an objective in the past and failed to reach it. If thats the case then your objective might be in conflict with how you see yourself. As Dr Steve Peters explains in his book your beleifs, values and automatic behaviours might not match up with the objective. Leaving you feeling lost and hopeless like having a map of madrid when all you want to do is find London. You’ll never get there.

Being curious about mindset from an early age not only in life but in sport aswell has led me to produce more questions than answers about life, sports and success. This book has answered many. You may have heard this many times before but without question it has to be said here too. “A MUST READ”.

‘The Chimp Paradox’, a truly inspirational book, providing the reality of life & dealing with it’s challenges. Thank you for instigating positive change in our family. Phil B

Check out Super Charged‘s highly commended Animated Book Interpretation The Chimp Paradox Mind Management Dr Steve Peters. Robert thanks for this – super.
Robert Kerr
Super Charged