Your Psychological Universe

The Psychological Universe offers a structure by which you can clearly see the seven main areas that you can work on.

Our psychological Journey will cover the seven major areas of your psyche, helping you to understand yourself and others.

  1. Your inner mind
  2. Others
  3. Communication
  4. The world in which you live
  5. Maintaining your health
  6. Success
  7. Happiness

An easy way to see these seven areas is to consider them as seven separate planets in a ‘Psychological Universe’ that you are about to travel across.  This way you can visit and work on each area or planet to improve your Universe.

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The Divided Planet

The first of the seven planet systems consists of the Divided Planet and the Guiding Moon.  It represents your inner mind and the battle that goes on inside your head.  This is the most important planet system in your Universe because if it is not in control then it is unlikely that any other planets can function properly.

The Divided Planet is where the Human and the Chimp live.  You and your Chimp typically have an uneasy relationship that frequently involves compromise and conflict.  It is often a battle for power between the two of you.  As the Chimp is far stronger than you are, it is wise to understand it and then nurture and manage it.

The Guiding Moon

The Guiding Moon is your brain’s computer.  In the Universe the moons all act as stabilisers to the planets that they are orbiting; the Guiding Moon therefore stabilises the Divided Planet.  This means that if we can get the Computer in your mind to work well, it will give your mind stability and make managing your Chimp much easier.

The Planet of Others

The Planet of Others covers the relationships and interactions that we have we other people in various settings.  It explores some fundamental aspects about people to give us a better understanding of them and how we can form meaningful and useful relationships with them.

The Troop Moon

The Troop Moon represents the people that support you.  It is critical to have the right people in your troop and also to understand what the consequences are of having the wrong people in the troop.  Having a supportive troop will stabilise how you work with everybody else outside the troop.

Planet Connect

Planet Connect looks at how to communicate effectively, or more specifically, how two minds interact with each other.  An inability to communicate effectively can often lead to frustration and conflict; therefore it is worth investing some time in improving your communication skills.  It may be worth stating the obvious here; if you don’t set time aside and work on communication then don’t be surprised if you don’t improve.

The Real World

According to the Chimp Model, your mind is comprised of three different working areas – the Chimp, the Human and the Computer. Each brain perceives a different world and it is important to understand these worlds and work with them.  It is also important to get these worlds, or environments right for you, as this has a massive impact on your ability to function and be happy.

The Moon of Chronic Stress

This moon with help to stabilise the world you live in by looking at how you can deal with longstanding stress.

The Moon of Instant Stress

This moon stabilises the Planet of the Real World by teaching you how to deal with sudden or immediate stress.

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The Planet of Shadows

The Planet of Shadows covers physical and mental health.  Illness and poor maintenance create shadows in our lives but we can remove them.  The Planet of Shadows therefore looks at dysfunction, that is, when the machine (your brain) is working fine but it is not being looked after: it needs maintenance.

The Asteroid Belt

The Asteroid Belt that encircles the Planet of Shadows represents malfunction in the machine and all the physical and mental illnesses you can suffer.  Let us state an important point here, if you can have an illness this needs addressing, because trying to employ the Chimp model with a machine that isn’t working properly, is going to be much more difficult, if not impossible.  If you believe your machine may not be working properly, you need to see a doctor for a medical assessment and treatment.

Planet of Success

This planet explores the foundations for success.  As a rule, to define success, Chimps look for material belongings and achievements, whereas, Humans look for personal qualities.  The task is for you to work out what your Human and your Chimp define as success and then decide if your Chimp’s ideas are truly acceptable or even detrimental.

The Regal Moon

The Regal Moon relates to recognising who is in charge in the different areas of your life and then acting accordingly.  This is one of the major factors that contribute to increasing your chances of success.

Moon of Carrots

The probability of success is increased when we use Human values to encourage Humans and Chimps alike.  The Moon of Carrots is grounded in the Human values of encouragement and compassion.  This moon helps the Chimp and Human to continue when things get tough with carrots replacing sticks.

The Core Moon

The Core Moon addresses the preparation needed to undertake a task.  There are four areas to cover that will enhance the chances of success; Commitment, Ownership, Responsibility and Excellence which are collectively known as the CORE principle.

Planet of Happiness

It says it in the name, the Planet of Happiness covers how to be happy.  Remember, happiness is a choice. Being happy all the time is unrealistic, but you can get happiness by working at it.

The Moon of Security

Security is the need to feel safe in our surroundings and in our troop and plays a significant role in stabilising our happiness.  The Chimp always looks to external surroundings for its security, whilst the Human will look internally to beliefs.  Learning to nurture the Chimp to feel secure can be one of the greatest steps in achieving the happiness we all desire.

The Moon of Confidence

Confidence stabilises happiness and is therefore important to establish.  As part of the Moon of Confidence you can learn a choice that will dictate how confident you will be in every situation you ever encounter.

The Sun

Just as the sun is the centre of the physical solar system, your Sun is the centre of your Psychological Universe.

The Sun represents self-fulfilment and the perfect place you want to be.  The Sun has the best chance of shining when all of the seven planets in your Universe are spinning correctly and in harmony.

Therefore, in order to make your Sun shine you have to work on each area in your life and get it into a good place.  So choose the Sun and begin your journey of self-discovery and life-changing attitudes!

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