The Chimp Model

The Chimp Model is a Model for understanding and managing the functioning of the mind.  It is not a hypothesis nor strict scientific fact, but based on the neuroscience of the brain.  It is fun to use to gain insight about yourself and others, but meant to be taken seriously when it comes to applying it to real life.

The Chimp Paradox is an incredibly powerful mind management model that can help you become a happy, confident, healthier and more successful person.

The model sees the brain as being divided into three teams.  The first team is you, the Human (headed up by the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex).  You are a conscious thinking analysing being that works with facts and truth and then makes deductions using logical thinking.  The second team is the Chimp, an independent thinking brain that is not under your control.  It works with feelings and impressions and then puts the ‘information’ together using emotional thinking.  The third team is the Computer.  This is really a brain that is at the disposal of the Human and Chimp to put information into for reference.  It acts as a memory and can also act as an automatic thinking and acting machine that is programmed to take over if the Chimp or Human is asleep or if they allow it to run ahead of them with preformed decisions and beliefs that it can act with.

The Psychological mind with graphics and words


What is a model?

A model is not pure scientific fact or a hypothesis. It is just a simple representation to aid understanding and help us to use the science. It may also help us to make sense of how we have been in the past, how we are now, and how we can manage ourselves better in the future.

In our model, the inner Chimp is the emotional team within the brain that thinks and acts for us without our permission. The logical team is the real person, it is you; rational, compassionate and humane, and is the Human within. The memory banks for reference are the Computer.