Building Leadership Capacity

School leaders are guided through key principles to understanding how the mind impacts emotional responses and the interactions that often create the biggest challenges to effective people management.

The starting point for this work is supporting the leader to reflect on them self as an individual and leader, the type of leader they are and want to be, and their impact day to day on those they lead.

We provide an introductory or Foundation Programme that explores four key areas that impact how well a person is functioning or performing, these include: understanding self, understanding others, effective communication, stress and the creating the ‘right’ environment for success. We also provide an extension course, the Masterclass Programme, for those wishing to develop a deeper level of understanding of the Model.


“Working with Chimp Management has been challenging, exciting and, above all, rewarding. Twelve months ago there were a number of unhappy staff, lack of consistency in leadership, highly differing levels of performance amongst teachers and lots of misunderstandings about key messages. In summary, a picture that could probably be repeated in many schools. A year on, we achieved the outstanding judgement from OFSTED. Perhaps this may have happened anyway but how many schools could report staff enjoying the process? We were also assessed against the Investors in People standard for the first time, gaining the Gold level. This was undoubtedly due to our work with Chimp Management. We believe our standards of teaching and learning are rising, and staff are happier in their jobs.”

John McNally, Principal, Shelley College