Supporting Emotional Development

Supporting emotional needs and emotional skill development in children and young people

Working with children and young people in Schools

For emotional and behavioural needs in pupils, we offer support and training to help equip them with emotional skills to manage how they view them self and interact with others in daily life.

“I found understanding my chimp really helped me deal with family situations. I was able to think of my chimp and link to emotions to manage things better.”  YR 10 student, Dewsbury.

Working with Parents

The Chimp Model and Mind Management Programme are used as practical tools for parents to understand their developing child, as well as, the changing relationship that occurs between them and their child as they are ‘growing up’. This approach can help to nurture this relationship and support parents in helping their child to develop emotional skills to lay the foundations for a happy and successful future.

‘My child came home from school yesterday completely fired up by what he had learnt and spent all evening working as a result.  Your idea of getting people in to talk about motivation was inspired.  Thank you for having such a clear vision for those of your charges who might otherwise get demotivated and turn off. As a parent, I am truly grateful.’ (Parent of a Year 7 student in Manchester).

Working in Children’s Services

We are working with a number of Children Services providers to support professionals working with children, young people, and family units.