For anyone with a working knowledge of the Chimp Model

What does this mean and why do we state it?

We state this to ensure that you only attend workshops that are pitched at the right level for you.

Workshops that state “For anyone with a working knowledge of the Chimp Model” will not introduce the model from first principles and will expect you to be already applying the following knowledge to yourself:

  • The three components of the chimp model
  • The nature of your chimp
    • Its agenda
    • Its drives
    • Its ways of thinking
    • How to best nurture it
    • How to best manage it
  • What your Human is
    • Its agenda
    • Its ways of thinking
  • The role of the Computer and what it contains
  • The rules of the machine in your head

All of the above covered in our Foundation course, which we run regularly and which we recommend as a starting point if you are new to the model or if you want to learn how to apply the model to yourself.