Chimp Management Ltd Syllabus of Self-Development Courses

Our syllabus caters for people who are looking to develop their skills in the use of The Chimp Model (for Mind Management) Self-Development Syllabus 2016with a guided, tutor-led programme of self-development through our

  • Foundation course
  • Self Development courses
  • Masterclasses

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These cater for users with varying existing skill in The Chimp Model from relatively advanced clients ready for the depth of a Masterclass to people at the beginnings of their Chimp Model use who should enrol on the Foundation Course: Between these levels a set of Self-Development courses cater for Intermediate users looking to deepen their Foundation-level skills. Our syllabus also offers unstructured learning opportunities: For existing users of the Chimp Model (for Mind Management) we provide a maintenance programme through our Discussion Groups and Seminars; if you want to look at a specific area of self-development, we also offer stand-alone courses on particular topics where The Chimp Model can be usefully applied.

To register your interest in any of the items in this syllabus please contact our Self-Development Co-ordinator, Jack Purkiss (mobile : +44 (0) 7712 330048). Please let Jack know the course(s) you’re interested in, your location and preferred time of week – daytime, evenings or weekends. If there are courses you’d like to see that are not listed here, please let Jack know. We will do our best to operate courses around the UK according to demand.