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Chimp Management Values

Our Truths

To deliver on our company’s purpose; To Help People to get the Best out of Themselves and Others. We as a company need to ensure that the Chimp Management team are in a good place first. Here are our company truths that help to guide us, and our values that we stand by:

Chimp Management:

Is a unique team comprising of unique individuals. We work better as a team and value each other. I add value to this team and value working here.

Values effort not just outcome. We support each other’s effort. I can always give my best effort.

Is building a legacy. We are part of this legacy. I am proud to give my best to this legacy.

Knows what needs to be done to be successful. We can be proactive, realistic and solution-focused. I can control my controllables and focus on the process.

Bases success on CORE principles. We optimize success through CORE principles. I choose to work by the CORE principles.

Accepts there is risk with everything. We trust each other to work with and reduce the risk. I work with probabilities and accept consequences.

Values its individuals. We value each other. I value working here.

Is a strong Troop led by an extraordinary Alpha. We have each other’s backs. I can turn to my Troop for help.

Offers opportunity. We use these opportunities to be better. I learn, laugh, fail, grow, and succeed through these opportunities.

Lives with its Truths and by its values. We share our Truths and values. I always have a choice.

Rolls with the punches. We accept that tough decisions have to be made. I work with consequences in a Chimp friendly way.

Our Values

INTEGRITY: Doing the right thing with a principled, ethical conscience.

COMPASSION: Operating with empathy, humanity, kindness, and charity.

COMMITMENT: Playing our part, cooperating, and collaborating with each other for the good of the team.

AUTHENTICITY: Being genuine, personal, trustworthy, and sincere.

HONESTY: Being open and transparent.

Our Life-Force
Make the most of every day.

Learn, laugh, grow, ask, give.
Enjoy the journey because every day is precious.