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Wortley Christmas Conference 2021

The Chimp Management Team and Prof Steve Peters, are so grateful to everyone able to attend the event and donate our Charities our final donation total will be announced soon. The day covered a range of different topics by Prof Steve Peters, aimed to entertain and educate the audience on just how The Chimp Model can be applied to everyone’s life and fun neuroscience facts, all with a Christmas twist.

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The Workshops

Understanding your psychological profile had our delegates attempting to understand their own minds by profiling themselves using Prof Peters profile scale, from asking yourself if you are aware of your own unhelpful habits, do you have a lack of perspective, and if you are aware of other people. 

Everyone discovered that Santa Clause was real! We began to discuss what is a true gift? Is it kindness, time, listening? When are these gifts truly gifts?

Workshop three discussed how we can truly find inner peace, and how that can relate to our values. The final session looked towards the future about developing new habits – not resolutions – to ensure that these changes to your mind last and allow you to develop. 

We are currently calculating all the donations given and will soon announce the total amount and how we are helping our charities. 

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