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House Building Trip 2018

For the 3rd successive year, Professor Steve Peters and Chimp Management has sent a member of the team out to Kenya to support a charity to help build 4 houses in just 6 days.

This year Adam Wright joined a team of 29 volunteers from around the world for 2 weeks.

Find out more about our nominated charity Gathimba Edwards Foundation

Adam Wright and team on Gathimba Edwards house building trip charity

Chimp provided the sponsorship for flights, accommodation and paid time, Adam then put in a herculean effort to raise funding for building materials. It was an amazing team effort and they helped local families build homes which have an immediate positive impact on people’s lives.

Local families as a result of Adam and his colleague’s efforts now have homes that are waterproof, well ventilated (from cooking fires), separate sleeping and living spaces and sustainable, cost-effective lighting from solar panels placed on the roofs. They also benefit from being provided with a water tank to collect water for cooking and cleaning.

One family that has benefited directly from Adam and the volunteers had previously lived in a hut by the side of the road for the previous 10 years, they now have a home they can actually stand up and many of the amenities that we often take for granted.