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Ben Davies

Skills Mentor


About Ben

Ben is a British Psychological Society (BPS) Member Status Psychologist and has consulted alongside Professor Steve Peters for 5 years. 

Ben has worked with Olympic and Paralympic athletes, coaches, and support staff (most recently that of GB Taekwondo), a variety of elite-level soccer teams within the UK, and elite international equestrian organisations in Asia. Ben also regularly travels on the PGA tour delivering applied psychology with 3 professional golfers (one of which is currently ranked within the top 30 in the world).

Outside of sport Ben has had the privilege of working with various global organisations, in the areas of business and finance, to provide support and guidance in how to improve performance. Ben specialises in supporting and guiding individuals to develop resilience within themselves so that they can optimally perform in difficult environments whilst under pressure. 

Ben is a person-centred practitioner whose focus is to treat people as the unique individuals they are, to collaborate, build effective working relationships, and ultimately help support individuals towards developing important insights about how their mind operates, and develop emotional skills.   

Areas of Expertise

Recently, Ben has worked with people in the following areas:

He also works with individuals, from all walks of life, on a one-to-one basis through our mind management coaching service.

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Video: Introducing Ben Davies

In this video, Ben talks about his education and career in psychology. Ben discusses his passion for The Chimp Model explaining, “What The Chimp Model does, that I am so passionate about, is that it separates a large chunk of our mind and is able to show us how it’s out of our control. If we don’t intervene and be pro-active in how our mind is working, we can fall into the trap of what I like to call ‘sleepwalking through life’.

“What The Chimp Model does in a user-friendly, quite simple manner, it shows you where this control divide is and it shows you how you can manage the mind, to not only enable the person to get in a robust position but they are also able to be resilient and deal with what the world has to offer.”

Ben works predominantly with elite sportspeople and teams, he has also worked in the corporate, health and education sectors.

“What we offer is a tailored approach, that treats the person in front of us as an individual. We help them to understand, what they want, what they want to achieve from life and how they want to be. We then provide insights to help them understand what about their own mind is getting in the way and interfering from achieving that.

“Where is their Chimp and their Computer coming into play and interfering? Once they’ve got that initial insight, they’ve then got a framework by which to learn skills to better manager this interference and more consistently be the person that they want to be.”



Lee Westwood, PGA Golfer

“Ben Davis has instilled in me the fact that I’m playing the game I love for a living, and I should enjoy it, and sometimes it gets to the point where you don’t enjoy it enough. You know, we’re lucky to be doing what we’re doing, and a lot of people are far less fortunate. If things are going wrong, I don’t really lose my temper any more. I’ve never been a club breaker, but I don’t really get wound up too much. I’ve become much more analytical and less emotional on the golf course.

“Ben has tried to impart that on me, and I think that’s just spreading through my whole game. I’m on a very even keel. If the ball doesn’t go in, the ball doesn’t go in. The only thing I can control are the movement and the actions I’m doing to roll it on line to the hole. It might hit something or I might misread it, but I brush it off and move on, and it’s served me well. That’s kind of the way I’m trying to play it now.”

From The Scotsman, 20th January 2020


Ysgol Nefyn 

Thanks to Ben Davies for delivering a really interesting and stimulating day. The fact that we had to look at ourselves first before considering the implications of the chimp model for use with primary age children was just what we were looking for. Regular opportunities to reflect on different aspects of the model, tied in with Ben’s interesting and friendly way of presenting made it an enjoyable learning day. 

The feedback has been really positive and enthusiastic from the delegates. Our next step for the schools is to plan the way ahead in implementing some of the ideas and strategies we learned yesterday for ourselves, other therefore in turn have a positive impact on our young learners.

I would fully recommend the day for educators, not only for the benefits of the children but also personal development and well being.

Alan Jones, Headteacher, Ysgol Nefyn 


Hong Kong Jockey Club

Ben is extremely supportive and very professional. The work that we have been doing has really helped me progress in and outside of sport, and has provided me with great insight and perspective on mind management during competition and in daily life.

Athlete, Hong Kong Jockey Club


Video: Ben Davies Workshops and Keynote Speeches

Ben Davies is a confident, engaging public speaker. He is able to explain the complexities of the human mind, in an easy to understand way, using The Chimp Model. 

Through his workshops and keynote presentations, Ben is able to give people the tools they need to make real changes in their life.

Whilst talking to a group of sportspeople in a recent presentation, Ben explains the process of making life changes, “It is actually a really difficult task to change behaviours, it’s probably up there with one of the most difficult tasks to do. So, if we find ourselves on a day-to-day basis banging our heads against the wall, becoming frustrated, it’s just a bit of a reality check to say you’re trying to do one of the hardest things going. There’s an uncontrollable in front of you and you are trying to work with it, as opposed to against it.

“And to change the behaviours in others, quite a lot of the time, it actually starts with us. If we want to change something in someone else, sometimes it takes a little look in the mirror, to ask, what do I first need to change about my approach to get the best out of them?”

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Ben’s Nominated Charity

Chimp Management is a charity supporting company, you can find out more about this here. We encourage everyone in our team to support charities, either through donations or voluntary work.

Ben works with Shelter. 



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