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Dean Coomer

Skills Mentor


About Dean

Dean’s professional life is characterised by guiding, supporting and mentoring individuals, teams and organisations to be the best versions of themselves. He is a registered member of the British Psychological Society and has a Masters degree in Psychology.

Experienced, professional and adaptable, Dean works across a range of sectors and industries. His clients include chief executive officers, senior leadership and management teams, NHS consultants, elite athletes, specialist military units including medical services, and several individuals and teams presenting with a range of diverse issues and needs.

Prior to joining the team, Dean enjoyed a 26-year military career specialising in rehabilitating the most seriously injured service personnel. Reaching the top of his rank structure, he was commended in the Queen’s Birthday Honours, and won the Defence Medical Prize for Clinical Research.

Dean views every client as unique and is recognised for his insight, understanding and empathic approach. His dynamic presentation and workshop skills and ability to bring The Chimp Model alive has been appreciated by clients. Dean’s passion and satisfaction is fuelled by helping others achieve, flourish and ultimately live happier, healthier and more productive lives.

Areas of Expertise

Recently, Dean has worked with people in the following areas:

He also works with individuals, from all walks of life, on a one-to-one basis through our mind management coaching service.

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Video: Introducing Dean Coomer

In this video, Dean talks about his work in the military and how working as a rehabilitation instructor led him into a career in psychology and helping people. 

 Dean completed 23 years in the RAF, joining in 1989 as a physical training instructor, one of his first posts was as a survival instructor for the Red Arrows.

In the early nineties, Dean found his passion for helping people achieve their goals and specialised as a rehabilitation instructor at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court. During this time, he began to realise the importance of mental well-being, “When I sat down with a patient and I just said, ‘How are things going for you?’, and then they’d just get to express some of the things they were experiencing at the time and some of the stresses that they were under. Then when we actually got to work, I found that the results were improving. I thought, ‘Am I missing a trick here? Is there something missing?’ and of course for me, it was psychology.”

While studying for an MSc in Psychology, Dean discovered The Chimp Paradox and found that The Chimp Model gave him a framework to explain the complexities of the mind to the people he works with. 

In his role as a skills mentor, Dean explains his approach to work, “With an individual, with an organisation, with a business, with a department, with a sports team, I start with you as a unique individual. Then I start to apply The Chimp Model around your unique circumstances. I will get you to commit to your objects and I will hold you to account on those. We will then start to apply The Model almost as a glue to knit all of this together and hopefully, help optimise your performance and get the best out of yourself, whatever that means to you.”


Royal Navy

Royal Navy

I would like to formally express the gratitude of the Royal Naval Leadership Academy and the Britannia Royal Naval College for your support to our inaugural Leadership Speaker Series event. Your sessions around the Chimp Paradox Model certainly made an impact and will serve to promote further discussion and debate around this area.

The initial feedback from this event has been very positive across all ranks and rates that attended. As Captain Naval Service Leadership, I was particularly interested in your segment on how we should challenge our thoughts on leadership and how we are predisposed to think differently around others.

With the requirement of our personnel to operate in challenging, dangerous and highly stressful circumstances, the mind management tools discussed will assist with providing the marginal gains necessary to support the evolution of our leaders and help them meet the very specific demands of the Service.

 Captain, Royal Navy

Video: Dean Coomer Workshops and Keynote Speeches

Dean Coomer is an energetic, engaging public speaker, he is able to captivate his audience, delivering thought-provoking yet highly-practical presentations and workshops. 

He has worked with Professor Steve Peters since ____ and is an expert on The Chimp Model and its practical application.

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Dean’s Professional Credentials

  • MSc Psychology
  • BSc (Hons) Sports Science
  • Military Rehabilitation & Physical Education Specialist
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Qualified Teacher, Assessor and Facilitator
  • Defence Medical Services prize winner for clinical research
  • Adventure Training, High Ropes & Mobile Team Challenge facilitator
  • Mental Health First Aid Trainer

Dean’s Social Media Videos

You may have seen Dean on our social media channels or on The Troop where he helps to facilitate on the forums. 

Below are a few examples of Dean’s recent work on social media. In the first video, Dean talks about being kind to strangers and in the second, he congratulates Captain Tom Moore on his fundraising achievements.  

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