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David Warner

Director David Warner

David started his working life as a secondary school mathematics teacher and then retrained into information technology (IT). After working in the IT business for 27 years, David began a major career change in 2010, retraining into psychology and subsequently specialising in occupational psychology. David has worked as a psychological skills mentor for Chimp Management since 2013, specialising in working closely with both individuals and small teams. David predominantly works via Skype, although face-to-face meetings can be arranged. He is now a Director at Chimp Management. 

David brings vast organisational experience, having worked in business from 1984 to 2011 as a programmer, analyst, manager and quality assurance consultant in the manufacturing, software product development, website design, website testing, finance, retail banking, investment banking and online news and legal services sectors. He has considerable experience working in organisations of all shapes and sizes from small start-ups to international corporations.

David’s client base includes individuals from business, politics, the Olympics, the Paralympics, professional football, motorsport, golf and many other wonderful clients from all walks of life.

David is proud to have worked with the Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby team since 2013, providing psychological skills services to both players and coaches as they achieved their goal of becoming European Champions in both 2015 and 2017. After their funding cut post-Rio, David continues to work with Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby on a voluntary basis in their pursuit of a world medal by Tokyo 2020.

David’s passion is in engaging in transformational sustainable work with individuals and small teams. Many of David’s clients have worked with him for several years. David specialises in using the Chimp Model to help individuals gain insight into their thoughts and behaviours, helping them to redefine their view of their own confidence, success and happiness to make lasting changes that will increase the probability of them achieving the outcomes they want in life.

David’s other interests are in sport and in space exploration. He enjoys watching most sport and he plays tennis and participates in Parkrun most Saturdays. His interest in space exploration started with the moon landings when he was seven years old and his interest is currently focussed on planetary science and the study of life on Earth and in space. He is currently undertaking a part-time Masters in Planetary Science at University College, London.

If you are committed to your ongoing personal growth and are looking for someone to build a long-term working partnership with, David would love to hear from you.

Nominated Charity

Chimp Management is a charity supporting company, you can find out more about this here. We encourage everyone in our team to support charities, either through donations or voluntary work.