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Robbie Anderson

Psychological Skills Mentor

A bit about me…

…I love the opportunities that my expertise affords me personally – whether that’s travelling to a new country to collaborate with a new team or working more locally in support of an individual’s goals. Both are a privilege and no two people, or days, are the same.

About Robbie


Robbie is a British Psychological Society (BPS) Member Status Psychologist and has over 10 years of frontline experience as a Chimp Management Mentor.

Specialising in elite performers, Robbie’s résumé includes Olympic Sport, International Football, NBA, Premiership Rugby and currently leading psychological services within the England Rugby Football Union. He loves the fact that he learns something new every time. Away from sport, Robbie has supported the Armed Forces in personnel and leadership development and currently delivers a bespoke mentoring and team development program within a multinational investment bank.

Robbie believes that people have huge potential and demonstrates a real passion for helping them to unlock their talent, improve their performance and to achieve successful outcomes in extremely challenging environments.

Robbie Anderson recently joined the Rugby Football Union and the Pathway team as our National Performance Programme Psychologist. Over the last 5 months, he has excelled both as a member of the management team as well as within the Programme with individual players. He has had great impact in the time he has been engaged with us and I look forward to that growing over time.


Dean Ryan

Head of International Performance, Rugby Football Union and the Pathway team

Areas of Expertise

• Optimising human performance
• High-performance cultures & environments
• Resilience and psychological well-being
• Adaptability and behavioural change
• Leadership, communication and group dynamics
• Building relationships and having influence

Interesting Fact

Robbie currently oversees the National Performance Programme for England Rugby. This exciting programme is a 360 development initiative for he very best rugby players in England and is considered as the first of it’s kind in the world.

Recent Clients / Sectors

• Investment Banking
• Professional Sport
• Emergency Services
• Military
• Performing Arts
• Retail

Professional Credentials

• Senior Performance Psychologist at Chimp Management Ltd.
• MSc Psychology
• MSc Sport & Excercise Psychology
• NLP Practitioner
• Insights Discovery Practioner

Video: Robbie Anderson