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Dr Sarah Caddy

Director & General Practioner

Sarah Caddy

Dr Sarah Caddy is a Director of Chimp Management and a General Practitioner of 11 years. She graduated from the University of Sheffield Medical School in 2002.

Dr Caddy worked as a Partner in a Practice and Executive Business Manager in the West Midlands for 6 years whilst carrying out her clinical work as a doctor.

She continues to work as a practising NHS GP and she has had great success in helping her patients deal with and manage many causes of personal stress; illness and injury, relationships, bereavement, addictions and anxiety and depression.

Dr Caddy has extensive knowledge and experience in creating programmes to meet the needs of each individual audience or team having presented one-off keynotes or a series of workshops for ongoing learning and skill acquisition to improve chances of success for individuals and teams.

Areas of Expertise

Recently, Sarah has worked with people in the following areas:

Education Icon 1

✓ Education

Secondary Schools

University Students

Public Services

✓ Public Services

Health Care; NHS and Private





Personal Development

✓ Personal Development

She also works with individuals, from all walks of life, on a one-to-one basis through our mind management coaching service.

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Professional Credentials

• Director and Psychological Skills Mentor at Chimp Management
• MRCGP (Distinction) 2007 (Member of The Royal College of General Practitioners) examinations
• MBChB 2002 University of Sheffield

Areas of Expertise

• Leadership
• Improving Communication
• High Performing Culture and Teams
• Resilience and Psychological Well-being
• Managing Stress
• Conflict resolution

Dr Caddy has a huge passion for helping people to understand their own mind and others. She enjoys seeing them go on to achieve their potential and gain happiness and fulfilment in their personal and professional lives.

What Others Say About Sarah Caddy

West Cheshire CCG

“Life Changing…. Truly Life changing, Big Thank you!“

“Really worthwhile, Sarah was fantastic, really professional but friendly and encouraging”

“Very helpful and thought provoking. A calming influence for my family and I”

“Thank you, I have gained so much from the course, it has completely changed my mindset and I am much more aware of how I react to things”

“A hugely beneficial course for my professional and personal life and though my work/life balance is still a work in progress, I have confidence that I will achieve my happiness targets. The presentations were well structured and provided a great insight to the basics from the book”


Various GP’s

West Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group


Dr Sarah Caddy kindly delivered a talk at the University of Sheffield to an audience of postgraduate researchers as part of a postgraduate researcher day, a conference designed by students for students. The talk was fantastically executed, contained just the right information to keep the audience intrigued for the duration and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. It was fun, engaging and interactive which is exactly what we wanted for the day. We received some fantastic feedback and Dr Caddy’s talk was a highlight of the day. I would highly recommend a talk from the Chimp Management team to anyone seeking new ideas on how to keep motivated and productive. It has undoubtedly provided the postgraduate students of the University of Sheffield Medical faculty some food for thought on how to keep motivated throughout our PhDs.

Post Graduate Research Student

University of Sheffield

A bit about me

As well as working as a doctor and my work for Chimp Management I’m also a mum of three children 4 years old and under. Life is busy but very full and fulfilling. I use the Chimp Model in my personal and professional life and love the opportunities and possibilities it helps me to discover and embrace.

Interesting Fact

Dr Caddy is currently heading up a research project on The Chimp Paradox Model in association with a clinical research team.

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