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MMSFL Terms and Conditions

Mind Management Skills for Life – Terms & Conditions


The Mind Management Skills for Life Programme is about individual self-development and is not a ‘train the trainer’ programme. CPD certificates are awarded for continued professional development in association with the CPD Certification Service. Completion of the programme does not qualify or give participants licence to coach or train others within The Chimp Model.

Email Communications

By agreeing to register on to the course, you will receive email communications including, but not limited to, workshop details, resource links and Zoom access details. Please be assured all information will be relevant to your participation in the course. Your personal details will be removed from the programme list after the final session’s communications. Without your approval, we are unable to enrol you within the course.


Chimp Management treat all workshop sessions as confidential. Meaning we will not share the experiences or opinions discussed within group sessions. We ask participants to please also be respectful of the views and privacy of others within your group. We encourage participants to share openly and support one another throughout the programme; however, Chimp Management are not responsible nor liable for what delegates chose to discuss within or outside of the programme sessions.

The only instances where your mentor may break confidentiality would be: if they believed you or another person were in danger or harm, or if you shared information about someone being harmed, then an appropriate agency would be contacted; or in mentors’ supervision for their development, when personally identifiable information would not be shared.

Conflict and disruption

We want to ensure that everyone on our programme has a positive and enjoyable learning experience. Should Chimp Management deem a participant disruptive during the programme and the parties are unable to resolve the issues of the disruption. Chimp Management reserve the right to withdraw the course invite.


The Mind Management Skills for Life Programme is based on layered learning, meaning concepts and learning develop sequentially across the eight programme sessions. We strongly encourage participants to attend all eight sessions as such to optimise your learning experience. Should a participant miss a session, Chimp Management are not obliged to offer a replacement session or refund. Should a session be missed, participants will be recommended to use the official handbook of the Mind Management Skills for Life Programme ‘A Path Through the Jungle’ to catch up on any missed content.


The Mind Management Skills for Life Programme is a CPD Accredited Programme, in conjunction with the CPD Accreditation Service. A total of 16 hours of accredited CPD are available from the eight two-hour workshops. CPD certificates are granted once you have completed the full programme. At the end of the programme, you can receive your CPD Certificate of Attendance through a request with Chimp Management.

Mentor Observance

From time to time, additional mentors from the Chimp Management team may attend a session. This is part of our commitment to internal learning and development. Mentors observing a session will have their camera and microphone off and will only be observing the main room discussion and not the small group discussions.

If you have any queries about the programme, please contact us using our Mind Management Skills email address: mmsfl@chimpmanagement.com.