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Professor Steve Peters new book ‘A Path through the Jungle’ is out now. This brand new release is Prof Peters follow up to the best selling novel The Chimp Paradox. This new book creates a structured, practical self-development programme to help you attain psychological health and wellbeing, explaining complex neuroscience in straightforward terms with his Chimp Management Mind Model. 

The book contains 8-stages to help lead you along the path to robustness and resilience helping you focus on yourself and empower yourself.

Stage One

Understand your mind

Stage Two

Emotional Managment

Stage Three

Working with emotions

Stage Four

Changing habits & Managing life events

Stage Five

The two main stabilisers of the mind

Stage Six

Creating a stress-free lifestyle

Stage Seven

Optimisng interactions with others

Stage Eight

Pulling it all together

This book with help to improve your relationships, and manage your emotions and promote self-confidence and stress. The areas covered will: offer you a practical, structured programme and demonstrating how to acquire the skill of Mind management.

The teachings of The Chimp Paradox have been developed and expanded to create a new guide to help you develop robustness and resilience. A Path through the Jungle has also been the foundation in creating our brand new programme, Mind Management Skills for Life. 

A Path Through The Jungle

Find out more about ‘A Path Through the Jungle’ and get your copy now.

S4L and CPD

Mind Management Skills for Life

This programme explains and simplifies the neuroscience of the mind, helping participants to understand how their mind works and then offers practical guidance to help them manage their mind.

The programme is broken down into 8 highly engaging and practical sessions; meaning participants can work on developing their mind management skills in a challenging yet supportive environment.

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