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News and Updates

New area of the Troop for NHS Workers

10th April 2020

Due to the circumstances NHS workers are currently working under due to Covid-19 we have now decided to launch an NHS area alongside our Troop platform. With this all NHS workers will have access to videos, podcasts and an online community which will be guided by some of our mentors. 

The Troop – Free Access

31st March 2020

With all the current uncertainty we would like to announce that The Troop is now a free resource to everyone from now until the end of May. We hope that you find the videos and content on there helpful! 

Annual Conference Date Change

31st March 2020

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Update: Due to the current restrictions in place we will postpone this event from 6-7th May 2020 to 10-11th November 2020. 

We would like to offer everyone the chance to roll over their ticket to the date later in the year this will happen automatically. We would also like to offer instead, the chance to redeem this money sooner as a voucher for the same price to be used on any of our other services detailed below. Those who would prefer a refund should contact us in the coming days to secure this.

For anyone who has already reserved a room at Tankersley Manor please get in touch with them directly. They are very happy to move your date to fit around the new dates later in the year. Tankersley Manor have confirmed that they are happy to refund those who have booked with them directly, however if you have booked through another merchant such as (booking.com etc) we cannot guarantee that you will receive a refund and ask you to contact the provider directly.

Updates From Our Mentors

Tim Talks: Being in ‘Human-mode’ and Kindness

21st May 2020

during #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek wanted to share with you what living in Chimp mode is like in the world we live in and how kindness is key when dealing with people in power and authority.

Adam Wright: Why we don’t always get on with everyone

19th May 2020

Adam Wright, discusses why we don’t always get on with everyone and why #KindnessMatters even with others who you think don’t like you! #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

Kim Blakey: My Hidden Chimp Habit 8 – ‘Accepting When No Really Means No’

14th May 2020

Kim introduces the eighth ‘helpful habit’ from Professor Peters’ book My Hidden Chimp… accepting when no really means no.

Kimberley Blakey: Habit 7 – ‘Trying New Things’

7th May 2020

How do we want to respond?

Kimberley Blakey discusses the benefits of encouraging habit 7 ‘Trying New Things’

Tim Talks: Expectations

6th May 2020

How do we want to respond?

Tim discussing potential Chimp reactions to reality during this weekend.

Dr Sarah Cady: NHS Troop Area

4th May 2020

Our director, Dr Sarah Caddy, explains our new NHS area on our free learning platform ‘The Troop’.

Sign up here – thetroop.chimpmanagement.com/join-the-troop

Kimberley Blakey: Habit 6 – ‘Showing Good Manners’

30th April 2020

In this video, Kim talks about the importance of Habit 6, ‘Showing Good Manners’.

Tim Talks: Tim Talks: Human Led Chimp Friendly Plans (Part 2)

28th April 2020

In this video, Tim looks at the stages of stress and how he can form a ‘human-led, chimp friendly plan’ to help keep us in a good place emotionally.

Tim Talks: ‘Tim Talks: Human Led Chimp Friendly Plans (Part 1)

27th April 2020

In this video, Tim looks at the stages of stress and how he can form a ‘human-led, chimp friendly plan’ to help keep us in a good place emotionally.

Kimberley Blakey: Habit 5 – ‘Asking for Help’

24th April 2020

Kimberley Blakey discusses Habit 5, ‘Asking for Help’ from My Hidden Chimp.

Tim Talks: ‘Sleep Hygiene’

21st April 2020

Tim covers the basics of sleep hygiene using the Chimp Model.

Kimberley Blakey: Habit 4 – ‘Talking About your feelings’

17th April 2020

Kimberley Blakey discusses habit 4 from ‘My Hidden Chimp’ and how talking about your feelings can help process emotions better.

Dean Coomer: Captain Tom

16th April 2020

Dean Coomer discusses the incredible achievement of ‘Captain Tom’ and the psychological skills demonstrated during his challenge.

Tim Talks: Letting Go of The Stone and focusing on the solution

14th April 2020

Tim Buckle discusses how we managed to let go of his usual Easter traditions during Covid-19.

Tim Talks: ‘Letting go of the Stone’

11th April 2020

Letting go of the stone (How to catch a monkey) is a concept from the Chimp Paradox which has particular importance around the easter time, understandably many people are struggling with accepting the reality of the COVID-19 lockdown and it’s implications on our normal routines and traditions.

Kimberley Blakey: Habit 3 – ‘Being Kind to Someone’

10th April 2020

Kim discusses how we can develop self-esteem and resilience through kindness and the importance of teaching children from a young age how to be kind.

Tim Talks: Ownership

8th April 2020

Tim Buckle discusses the importance of ownership and accountability particularly in terms of homeschooling

Kimberley Blakey: Habit 2 ‘Saying Sorry’

3rd April 2020

Kim introduces the second ‘helpful habit’ from Professor Peters’ book My Hidden Chimp…saying sorry!

Kimberley Blakey: Habit 1 ‘Smiling’

26th March 2020

Kim introduces the first ‘helpful habit’ from Professor Peters’ book My Hidden Chimp…smiling!

Kim talks about habits from My Hidden Chimp

25th March 2020

Our Mentor, Kimberley Blakey, will be covering the helpful habits within Prof Peters’ book, My Hidden Chimp, and how parents/guardians can help with this particularly at this time. Kim will be posting these helpful tips weekly along with activities and practical ideas for both adults and children – we hope you enjoy!

Tim Talks

24th March 2020

Exercising your Chimp is important to help manage your emotions, Tim looks into this in more detail in this video

Tim Talks

22nd March 2020

Mentor Tim Buckle explains the rules of the mind through the lens of the Chimp Model.

Tim Talks

20th March 2020

Focusing on your emotions at the moment is key – Tim discusses how you can help manage your emotions during this turbulent time

Leonie on International Happiness Day

20th March 2020

On International Happiness Day our Mentor Leonie Lightfoot explores the things that help her manage stress and anxiety. What are the things that make you happy and how are you managing your stress and anxiety?

Tim Talks

19th March 2020

One of the biggest factors of self-isolation is the lack of peer interaction, the loss of our Troop members. One of our Mentors, Tim Buckle, would like to share his thoughts on this and how you can help overcome these feelings.

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