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Second Annual Conference

The Chimp Management Second Annual Conference will be taking place at the Royal Victoria Hotel in Sheffield on 8th & 9th May 2019. This conference is for individuals and organisations that wish to gain insights into how the mind develops and functions.  Steve and the team will deliver workshops and talk through ways of understanding and adjusting the functioning of the adult mind.

Whether you are a parent or educator of children, a person who works with teams or someone who wants to get the best of themselves, this conference will offer informative and practical ways to implement The Chimp Model in your life. 

This two-day event will be an opportunity for you to learn from Professor Steve Peters and the Chimp Management team. Over the course of the two days, you will attend a keynote presentation from Professor Steve Peters and 6 workshops delivered by the Chimp Management mentors. 

Each delegate will be asked to pick 2 workshops to attend from each workshop group below once the booking has been completed. 

Royal Victoria Hotel, Sheffield

8-9th May 2019

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Keynote – The ‘Unconscious’ Mind

A keynote presentation from Professor Steve Peters. 

Steve Peters in Conversation with Calum Best

Professor Steve Peters speaks to Calum Best. 

Workshop Group 1

  • Finding and managing unconscious beliefs
  • The unconscious basis for a high performing team
  • The neuroscience of the developing mind

Workshop Group 2

  • The basis for developing constructive behaviours
  • Helping individuals to become resilient team players
  • Aiding the development of a child’s mind

Workshop Group 3

  • Success based on self-development
  • The CORE Principle applied to teams
  • Being in the best place to help a child