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14th October | Whitby

Charity event for individuals & teams

Into the Mind of Dracula

Hosted by Professor Steve Peters

Can you and your team find Dracula’s final resting place before the time runs out..?

Fun Team Building

Entertaining & Inspiring

Problem Solving


Day Event


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Sessions with Prof Peters


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Our unique event, “Into the Mind of Dracula,” is here to take you on a psychologically focused adventure like no other. 

Are you ready to embark on a journey that combines mind-management challenges, team-building exercises, and an epic quest to uncover the final resting place of Dracula?

Solve Clues, Strengthen Bonds:

Discover how you can understand and apply The Chimp Model with the guidance of Prof Steve Peters through two engaging keynotes. Steve’s presentation will help enhance your team’s collaboration and problem-solving skills while providing practical takeaways you can apply in any group setting. Together you’ll address different mindsets, improve communication, and foster a more effective and unified team.

Explore the Enchanting Whitby:

Wander through the mysterious streets of Whitby, armed with a map and a list of clues. As you and your team venture into the heart of the town, you’ll unravel its secrets, untangle the mysteries, and inch closer to discovering Dracula’s hidden tomb. But beware, time is ticking, and the clock is against you! Can you solve the riddles before the time runs out?

Unite Your Team, Create Lasting Memories:

Book as an individual or as a group

Whether you’re seeking a team-building day for your colleagues, an exciting adventure with friends, or a chance to meet like-minded individuals, “Into the Mind of Dracula” has something for everyone. Strengthen your bonds, enhance collaboration, and learn how you can use The Chimp Management Mind Model® to better your team.

Important Information: This event will involve some significant walking around Whitby town but the hunt will not involve any cars or transport. The Hunt will not take anyone further than 15 minutes walk from the town centre bridge at any time. There are the famous Dracula 199 steps to the Abbey to negotiate during the event.

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If you are a student over the age of 18 or over the age of 65 then use the code CHIMP25 to get your half-price ticket!

Booking information: Group bookings will be allocated to the same team and individuals will be grouped with other sole questers. Team sizes will be between 2-6 people. This event is for those 18 years of age and older.



Whitby Coliseum


14th October

charity background

Charity Event

What to expect

This light-hearted event has practical takeaways to help you better understand and collaborate with your team. 

Prof Peters will help you to prepare your mind for the day ahead as he presents some insights on team working, communication and strategic problem-solving.

Each team (2-6) will be provided with a map and a list of clues. Using the map and the clues you will begin your treasure hunt adventure into the town of Whitby to complete the mind management quest to find Dracula’s tomb.

Prof Peters will reveal the answers and the winning team, whilst sharing some final insights into how the Chimp Model can help you to improve your team’s collaboration in the future.

The Challenge: Find the coffin and gather the points to win 

To find the coffin you will need to solve a riddle

The team that finds the coffin and has the highest number of points will win

Points can be gained in three ways

  1. Solve the 40 clues, as you walk around Whitby
  2. Solve the 20 words connected to Dracula
  3. Bring back five named objects
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Each attendee will be given a voucher for Magpie Cafe, which will include a takeaway 9oz fish & chips with a bottled drink per person.
The Cafe is open from 11.30 am to 9 pm, the vouchers can be redeemed all day.

The Magpie Cafe

14 Pier Road, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO21 3PU

Phone: 01947 602058
Email: info@magpiecafe.co.uk

The voucher will be for a set amount meaning it can be used in the restaurant or takeaway; any difference in excess of the voucher amount is to be paid by the guest if they decide they would like extras or to sit inside.

Event Timetable

10:30am Registration and arrival refreshments

Welcome from Professor Steve Peters and an introduction to the day with a teamwork keynote

  • How do we listen to other people?
  • How do the Chimp and Humans think in problem-solving?
  • How we can work more collaboratively in a team?
12:15pm The Hunt Begins…
5:30pm Return your answer sheets before 5:30, or else…
7:00pm Prof Peters gives the answers and further Chimp concepts
8:30pm End of day
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Our Venue
Whitby Coliseum

The Coliseum Centre, 1B Victoria Place, Whitby, YO21 1EZ

By Train

Whitby Train Station is 110 yards away from our meeting point.


There is no parking on site however there are various parking locations available across Whitby. Note that all these car parks are subject to availability and are pay and display only – park at your own risk

St Hilda’s Terrace Car Park | 23 Back St Hilda’s Terrace, Whitby YO21 3AF 

Marina Back Car Park | Langborne Rd, Whitby YO22 4EW

North Terrace Car Park | West Cliff, Whitby YO21 3EL

West Cliff Car Park | 17 Royal Cres, West Cliff, Whitby YO21 3EG

Cancellation Policy At Chimp Management Ltd we do understand that emergencies do happen and individuals need to cancel from time to time. However, please be considerate that we often have high levels of interest in our services and late cancellations may mean other individuals missing out. In the event you need to cancel please do get in touch to discuss our cancellation policy, discretion will be used in all events and wherever possible we will look to rearrange or move your booking. Please see below for our usual cancellation details: All requests for cancellation will be considered on an individual basis so please do call us in the first instance. In most cases we will look to move your booking to another event or service, however, if you do wish to cancel our policy for this event is typically as follows: – Up to 1 week before the event – a £30 may be charged to cover administration costs. – 1 week & under – 100% of the ticket fee may be charged

Due to the active and variable nature of this event, the Participant’s own judgement is paramount and liability for Participants’ decisions are their own, in priority above that of the organisers’ suggestions. PARTICIPANTS HAVE THE FULL AND OVERRIDING DECISION TO TAKE PART IN THE MANNER THEY FEEL IS SAFE AND WITHIN THE PARTICIPANT’S OWN CAPABILITIES.

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