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14th September 2022

Managing the Mind

in Sport

 Applying The Chimp Model in Sport

14th September 2022

The Quays Hotel, Furnival Rd, Sheffield S4 7YB

Over the last ten years, many elite athletes and world-class sports teams have adopted The Chimp Model to improve their performance. GB Taekwondo, England Football, British Cycling, Liverpool Football Club, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Sir Chris Hoy, and Victoria Pendleton have all shared how The Model has helped them to compete and succeed at the highest level.

This one-day conference is dedicated to helping those within sport at any level to understand and manage their mind using The Chimp Model.

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Managing the Mind in Sport’ is hosted and developed by Chimp Management Mentors who specialise in optimising the psychological performance of elite athletes and sports teams. Throughout the day the Chimp Management team will share valuable insights into the neuroscience of the mind and highlight practical skills to help you to:

  • Develop insight and awareness of the neuroscience of the mind
  • Relate this understanding into practical applications to optimise the quality and success of training programmes
  • Explore the benefits, structure and execution of a mental warm up and cool down to enhance readiness for pre and post competition
  • Develop insights into how you react to setbacks and explore strategies and skills to overcome setbacks and injury in a constructive way.
  • Better identify, deal with and manage underperformance from a practical and emotional basis.
  • Understand why the fear of failure doesn’t exist and develop strategies to manage the mind in stress – inducing situations.
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The Chimp Management model is a hugely powerful system for understanding your own and others’ minds. In my opinion, nothing I have come across is so good at explaining why sometimes people think and act in ways that are clearly not helpful to them. The things I learned are invaluable to me as an athlete, but, in some ways more importantly, are not just limited to the sporting world and are applicable, useful and powerful in day to day living.  

Etienne Stott

Olympic Slalom Canoeist

Nothing comes close to this model. It really does offer simple but effective ways on how to really improve your life

Ronnie O’Sullivan

Snooker Champion

As an athlete I was aware how powerful the mind can be in athletic performance. Through developing a better understanding of myself, I learnt that I could choose how I responded to situations, which resulted in a much more positive approach to my training and racing. I went from being an athlete who raced with anxiety, trying to achieve results to one who races with clear process-driven goals, focusing purely on what is within my control and with the ultimate objective of producing my very best performance irrespective of outcome. The stress of racing has been replaced with excitement to discover how hard I can push myself to be the very best athlete I can.

Clare Cunningham

Paralympic Triathlete

Session 1

Mental warm up and cool down

For most athletes a physical warm up and cool down is already an essential part of training and competition, but how can you mentally prepare for optimal performance? Do you have a process to make sure that you are mentally recovering after every training session or competition so that you are in the best place to start the next one?

This workshop will look at the how and why of mental warm ups and cool downs, supporting you to develop your own strategies to enhance readiness and optimise learning pre and post performance.

Session aims include:

  • Understand the benefits of a mental warm up and cool down
  • Explore the components and structure of a mental warm up and cool down
  • Understand how and when to put a mental warm up and cool down into practice

Session 2

Optimising performance

Our mind can be a powerful ally in attaining optimal performance but, if it is not well understood or managed, can hijack even the most committed athlete into unhelpful thinking and behaviours.

Why does an athlete sometimes struggle to commit to training and lifestyle requirements? Why does conflict arise between an athlete and their coach or team members and what can be done about it? How can we use the mind to gain confidence in the pursuit of our goals? This workshop will consider how to create successful processes to help optimise your sporting performance, looking at commitment, conflict and confidence.

Session aims include: 

  • Better understand the difference between commitment and motivation and how this impacts your reactions, emotions and behaviours
  • Learn how to better manage your emotions around conflict and disputes
  • Explore the consequences of confidence and how to achieve it

Session 3

How do you deal with setbacks?  

Even the most successful athletes will experience setbacks some point, so it is important to accept this reality and develop helpful and constructive ways to respond and bounce back. This workshop will look at how you respond to setbacks and how you can develop a more constructive and resilient response to give you a better chance of success.

Session aims include: 

  • Explore how the mind typically reacts to setbacks
  • Gain insight into why this happens
  • Understand how you want to deal with setbacks and learn skills to support you to execute this

Session 4

Why there is no fear of failure

Is fear of failure holding you back from achieving your goals? In this session, we’re going to further your understanding of how the mind works, looking at where fear of failure comes from and how to manage your mind to enable you to work from a position where fear of failure does not exist.

Session aims include: 

  • An explanation of what we are experiencing
  • Examine your current criteria for defining success and failure
  • Explore the unhelpful beliefs that may lead to fear of failure and consider more helpful alternatives

The Quays Hotel, Sheffield 

A scenic waterfront location near Sheffield city centre. Close to the M1 Motorway and only a short walk from the train and coach stations.

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