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Getting the Best out of Yourself When Working From Home

WEBINAR – Getting the Best out of Yourself When Working From Home

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Given what is happening in the world at the moment with the coronavirus, many of us are having to adapt to working from home, do you find the prospect exciting, or daunting?

Working from home can sound like an appealing situation, but faced with the reality are you struggling to engage and get work done?

Time away from difficult work colleagues might be a benefit, but what are the emotional impacts of being isolated from your team?

Sometimes working from home can stop your home from actually feeling like home.

During this webinar, you will explore how understanding the neuroscience of the mind can help you to plan and manage your way through these fast-changing times, and help you to get the best out of yourself when working from home.



Getting the Best out of Yourself When Working From Home

This webinar is hosted by a trained mentor and focuses on the group’s experiences, ideas, and advice to help you to get the best out of yourself whilst working from home. 

This online workshop will focus on:

  • What happens in our minds neuroscientifically when faced with the reality of working from home and how our emotional thinking can get in the way of productivity.
  • The impact of others on our productivity at home, including how to effectively manage the needs and expectations of others.
  • Address common homeworking pitfalls, such as:
    • Procrastination
    • Isolation
    • Overeating
    • Cabin Fever

You can discuss your concerns with a group of like-minded people in a safe environment. The discussion will be lead by one of our Mentors, who will be able to offer guidance and offer suggestions to help you create practical plans and address common working from home pitfalls. 


What to Expect


Exclusive Video: Introduction to The Chimp Model

Before your webinar, you will be given access to an exclusive video from Professor Steve Peters. This 20-minute video introduces The Chimp Model and the neuroscience behind it. We advise that everyone watches this as it will give you the foundations of knowledge required to take part in the webinar.

The Webinar

The webinar will last for around 60 minutes, you will be given a chance to talk with a group of other like-minded people and one of our trained mentors. Together, we will discuss some of the problems we are facing and then look at strategies and techniques that can help you to better manage your behaviours and emotions whilst working from home.



Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Webinar?
A webinar is a web-based seminar that uses video calling to connect its delegates. Using a computer with a camera and microphone, or a smartphone you are able to talk with others, just like you would at a seminar.
What equipment do I need to access the webinar?
We use a video confercing software called Zoom to host our webinars. If you have a computer with a web camera and microphone or a modern smartphone or tablet, you should be able to connect easily to Zoom. You can find out detailed information about Zoom’s technical requirements here.


Do I need to interact with others during the webinar?
Yes, our webinars are designed to be interactive, group discussions. In order to take part in the discussions, it’s essential that you have a microphone, we also recommend that you have a camera so the session is as close to an in-person meeting as possible.
How do I install Zoom?
You can download Zoom for your laptop or computer here. If you are using a smartphone or tablet, Zoom can be downloaded on the app store by searching for Zoom Cloud Meetings.

What Others Say


4 reviews for WEBINAR - Getting the Best out of Yourself When Working From Home

  1. Clare Horner

    This was a really useful session. It highlighted that all of us have some unique and common concerns and challenges. Breakout sessions are useful and integral part of the session too.

    Tim’s presentation was great balance of science and practical application, giving us the tools to adapt to our ‘new normal’, challenging old habits, and embracing the opportunity for a new, and more healthy way to approach our work and family life.

    Thank you.

  2. Mike Habieb

    A thought provoking webinar with a great mix of things to think about, do or reflect on. Having a diverse group of people gave me a range of perspectives and made it very enjoyable. A lot of fun mixed with learning which I hope will set me up for future success.

  3. Anonymous

    I enjoyed and learnt from the variety of inputs presented- text, voice, questions, prompts, pictures. I appreciated the practicality in the presentation and, at the same time, it wasn’t ‘dumbed down’ ie there was a good balance between nuance and ‘bite-sized’ simplicity.

  4. Gareth Coyne

    Tim’s content was very insightful and relevant to the current working situation. It made me reflect on some of the truths I needed to accept and some of the alternative perspectives to take.

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