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Pictured (from left to right): Dean Coomer, Dr Nav Ahluwalia, Professor Steve Peters, Victoria Laker, Kimberley Blakey, Louis Palmer

The Chimp Model has lots of anecdotal evidence of success but we want to produce evidence through research of its validity and efficacy. By doing this, we aim to make The Model accessible to more people, helping them to get the best out of themselves.

We are currently working in collaboration with Rotherham Doncaster & South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH) on a first of its kind research study which focuses on staff well-being through the lens of The Chimp Model. 

The study is the culmination of 2 years of planning and preparation with the trial being approved by the Research and Ethics Committee (REC) and Health Research Authority (HRA) on 10th February 2020.

So far, 197 community nurses have signed up to take part in the research, each will take part in eight Mind Management sessions and receive a signed copy of The Chimp Paradox.

Dr Nav Ahluwalia, Executive Medical Director and Director of Research said: “NHS staff are sometimes affected by occupational burnout and the consequences of this are wide ranging, it can affect individuals, colleagues, families and patients.

We want to ensure this doesn’t happen to our staff, and ensure they look after themselves. That’s what this research is all about.”


Our Journey 

The Feasibility Study

(Adult Community of Teachers)

This programme was delivered from October 2019 to February 2020, as a feasibility study ahead of the RCT, to 200+ teachers; from 67 schools across North Yorkshire, the Midlands and the Cambridge area. It was our eight workshop programme that offers the definitive foundation to Mind Management through the Chimp Model. 


Pragmatic Randomised Control Trial (RCT)

Principle Investigator: Professor Michael Barkham, University of Sheffield

Director of Psychological Research Therapies: Dr Jamie Delgadillo, University of Sheffield

Grounded Research Team: RDaSH, Chimp Management Ltd

Our cohort is an adult community of integrated nursing services across Rotherham, Doncaster and the South Humberside NHS Trust.  The trial dates are March 2020-July 2020 with early results anticipated December 2020/January 2021.

Dr Nav Ahluwalia, Executive Medical Director and Director of Research

“This is really exciting research – a first for the Chimp Team and for RDaSH and we can’t wait to see what the results are. We want to thank our staff for volunteering to take part and hope the results will also help other staff keep fit and well.”


Primary Objectives

Evaluate if a group-based psychological intervention reduces occupational burnout levels; with the following secondary objectives:

  • To assess if the intervention improves subjective well-being
  • To assess if the intervention improves personal goal attainment
  • To assess if the intervention reduces sickness absence



Professor Steve Peters

Professor Steve Peters, a Consultant Psychiatrist and Chief Executive Officer of Chimp Management Limited created The Chimp Model to help people get the best out of themselves and other people. He is the author of the best selling books, The Chimp Paradox, My Hidden Chimp and The Silent Guides. 

On the study, Professor Steve Peters said, “It’s a privilege to help any person to get the best out of themselves. However, this venture is very special to me because I have the opportunity to engage with front line staff in the NHS. I am grateful to the participants and to all those who have made this possible.”

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