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What other people say

What do people say about working with Us?

Do you want to find out more about how we’ve helped people – individuals, teams and organisations – to become more confident, more successful and happier in their lives?
Gathered below are a few excerpts from the feedback and testimonials we’ve received from our clients.  If you’d like more detailed and specific examples of how we could help you, please use our Contact page, and we’ll respond to your enquiry at our earliest opportunity.
Ronnie O Sullivan 634016

Nothing comes close to this model. It really does offer simple but effective ways on how to really improve your life

Ronnie O'Sullivan

Snooker Champion

The Chimp Management model is a hugely powerful system for understanding your own and others’ minds. In my opinion, nothing I have come across is so good at explaining why sometimes people think and act in ways that are clearly not helpful to them. The things I learned are invaluable to me as an athlete, but, in some ways more importantly, are not just limited to the sporting world and are applicable, useful and powerful in day to day living.  

Etienne Stott

Olympic Slalom Canoeist

Slalom canoeing 2012 Olympics C2 GBR Timothy Baillie and Etienne Stott 3
Jenny Meadows bronze medal berlin world championships

Sarah’s influence on my career achievements have been astronomical! She has introduced me to the concept of chimp management, helping me to understand both myself and others. It’s literally like I have put on a pair of glasses! Her patient and genuine guidance has allowed me to develop many life-long skills resulting in better performance and making both competing and life in general more

Jenny Meadows

Olympic Athlete

We were a small group of Oxfam fund raisers wondering who to ask to speak at our first ever dinner. I volunteered to email Prof Steve Peters to see if he would consider helping us. Of course we expected a polite refusal but to our amazement Steve did come to speak at our dinner which therefore expanded in to a talk for almost 300 people. Not only that he brought his team and they stayed until every single person wanting to speak to them had had that opportunity. I felt that although Steve and his team had come along to support our charity they also actually cared about every single person in that room and wanted to help everybody they possibly could. Steve and his team are such generous people at every level, because of them we raised £3500 to help alleviate poverty all over the world, while also helping around 300 people to improve their quality of life. I just can’t thank them enough (Nov. 2015)

Jill Stocks

Chair of High Peak Oxfam Group

As an athlete I was aware how powerful the mind can be in athletic performance. I had worked with a couple of sports psychologists in the past but I continued to struggle to learn and acquire the skills I wanted to use my mind to bring out the very best in me. Since working with Yvie Ryan 12 months ago, that changed. The Chimp Model provides clear and logical explanations as to how and why my mind works as it does. With that knowledge, Yvie was able to help me acquire skills and tools which I could use in training and then apply in races. Through developing a better understanding of myself, I learnt that I could choose how I responded to situations, which resulted in a much more positive approach to my training and racing. I went from being an athlete who raced with anxiety, trying to achieve results to one who races with clear process-driven goals, focusing purely on what is within my control and with the ultimate objective of producing my very best performance irrespective of outcome. The stress of racing has been replaced with excitement to discover how hard I can push myself to be the very best athlete I can.

Clare Cunningham

Paralympic Triathlete

Mind Management Skills for Life

The Mind Management Skills for Life programme is eight 90-minute workshops. By working with people over an extended period, we are able to help people develop new skills that can be practised in the real world and then built upon during the following workshops. Each workshop will have practical learning points for delegates to apply to their own personal goals.

Skills for life