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An Introduction to The Chimp Model

Keynote & Workshop

We offer a range of workshops and keynote speeches that provide an introduction to The Chimp Model.

Professor Steve Peters groundbreaking mind management model can help you to become a happy, confident, healthier and more successful person.

The Model has been used by Olympic athletes, businesses and large organisations to optimise performance, develop new skills and to improve quality of life.

Whether you are looking for a 90 minute keynote speech for your event or you’d like a longer in-depth introduction to The Chimp Model, our team of Mentors can help.


Outcome Objectives

Workshops & keynotes introducing The Chimp Model provide three key outcomes for the delegates:

  • An introduction to The Chimp Model
  • A personal insight into how an individual’s mind works
  • Skills and tools for practical application of The Chimp Model

‘An Introduction to The Chimp Model’ is often carried out as part of a wider Chimp Management programme designed to meet the specific needs of a company or organisation. If you’d like to talk to us about how we can help you, please contact us.


Popular Programmes

We understand that every event and organisation is unique, we like to work with our clients to provide services that fit their individual needs.

To help make this process more straight forward, we’ve put together some of the most popular formats we use to present The Chimp Model.

They offer templates that can be used and adapted to suit your event. Please get in touch if you’d like to find out how we can help you.

Keynote Speech


A thought-provoking and engaging keynote speech.

This keynote offers a highly practical introduction to The Chimp Model, tailored to your audience, exploring how they can apply The Model in their worlds (both personal and professional).

The keynote will provide a brief overview of how the mind helps and hinders personal and professional performance using a practical model for mind management.

Using practical exercises and self-discovery learning, participants will identify their unique Chimps, Humans, and what is inside their Computers.

Participants will then explore how this insight impacts on their professional and personals lives, in particular around managing emotions.  Delegates will learn skills and techniques for nurturing and managing their individual Chimp.



Half Day

A half-day workshop introducing The Chimp Model and working with delegates to gain insight and understanding into their minds

The workshop begins with a session introducing The Chimp Model and provides a brief overview of how the mind helps and hinders professional and personal performance. Delegates will gain an understanding of the Chimp, Human and Computer in their minds.

The second session works with participants to help identify their unique Chimps and Humans through practical exercises and self-discovery learning. Delegates will learn skills and techniques to nurture and manage their Chimps. The session will then conclude with delegates learning how to reprogramme the computers within their own minds! 



Full Day

An interactive one-day workshop, introducing The Chimp Model to delegates and exploring its application both personally and professionally.  

As with the half-day workshop, this programme begins with a session introducing The Chimp Model and provides a brief overview of how the mind helps and hinders professional and personal performance. Delegates will gain an understanding of the Chimp, Human and Computer in their minds.

A further two sessions then help participants to identify their own Chimp and Human, followed by an in-depth look at how they can reprogramme the computer with their own mind. Followed by helping delegates to plan to introduce The Model successfully in their own lives. 


What Others Say…

Leonie delivered a really engaging presentation for the Isle of Man Sport Lecture 2016 at the Gaiety theatre.  There were around 350 people in the audience who were all captivated by what was a complex subject, simplified superbly with the easy to understand chimp model.  Leonie brought sincerity and humour to her delivery which was well received by all.  I was delighted to have Leonie return the next day to deliver a short workshop for our local sports coaches.  She was able to guide the group through valuable reflections of the previous presentation and embellish the model further.   Leonie facilitated group work exploring how, as coaches we can helpmanage ourselves emotionally and also how we can support our athletes to manage their emotions and decision making to aid enjoyment of sport and maximise our chances for success and development.  “I would highly recommend Leonie and the services of Chimp Management to anyone looking to improve their mind management skills.

Isle of Man Sport

I would like to formally express the gratitude of the Royal Naval Leadership Academy and the Britannia Royal Naval College for your support to our inaugural Leadership Speaker Series event. Your sessions around the Chimp Paradox Model certainly made an impact and will serve to promote further discussion and debate around this area.

The initial feedback from this event has been very positive across all ranks and rates that attended. As Captain Naval Service Leadership, I was particularly interested in your segment on how we should challenge our thoughts on leadership and how we are predisposed to think differently around others.

With the requirement of our personnel to operate in challenging, dangerous and highly stressful circumstances, the mind management tools discussed will assist with providing the marginal gains necessary to support the evolution of our leaders and help them meet the very specific demands of the Service.

Captain, Royal Navy

I would like to thank your organization and Tim Buckle for the excellent workshop delivered to our staff and trainees.

Tim delivered to our group with a passion and understanding of our specific requirements. Multinational, multi-cultural, different ages, experiences and objectives were no issue and all participants took away a great deal from the workshop.

The young athletes were engaged and keen to learn more, the coaches reflecting immediately on their role. 

Berlinda Tarling

Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)

Robbie Anderson recently joined the Rugby Football Union and the Pathway team as our National Performance Programme Psychologist. Over the last 5 months, he has excelled both as a member of the management team as well as within the Programme with individual players. He has had great impact in the time he has been engaged with us and I look forward to that growing over time.

Dean Ryan

Head of International Performance, Rugby Football Union and the Pathway team

Who We’ve Helped

These are just some of the teams and organisations Professor Steve Peters and Chimp Management have worked with.

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