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Being in the best place to help a child

Keynotes, Inset Days & Workshops

As parents, carers and teachers it’s important that we are in a good place to help a child. Helping you gain insight into the neuroscience of the developing mind, will enable you to have a better understanding of it and acquire the skills to be able to be more effective and successful in managing yourself so you can be in the best place to help a child.


Outcome Objectives

All of our workshops will firstly introduce the cornerstones of The Chimp Model. We will then look at how you can apply The Model to yourself.

Some of the key points we help you to understand are:

  • To better understand that “It starts with you”
  • To aid understanding that you have a responsibility to get yourself in a good place
  • How to get yourself in a good place
  • How to deal with pitfalls faced that could sabotage these plans
  • To help you to programme your Computer to be able to better deal with stressful events.

We also work with teaching staff to help them to use The Chimp Model in their day-to-day lives both personally and professionally. Contact us about our Skills for Life programme if you’d like to learn more about how we can help teachers.


Who We’ve Helped

These are just some of the schools and educational establishments we have worked with.

What Teachers Say…

“The sessions have been packed with information and things to think about; the Chimp Management team are inspiring and challenging – but everything is rooted in real life, which makes it so powerful. After all, we are often dealing with difficult situations with children at school which are triggered by the realities of their daily lives. Thank you for the chance to take part personally, on behalf of our staff and our 420 lovely children!”

“Chimp Management worked with us to develop a programme of support, based on the Chimp Model.  They explained the model to the group of affected students, and helped them to understand why they felt the way they did, and why they were experiencing particular feelings, and the actions that could stem from these.  This doesn’t really do justice to Tim and his impact on the group; his interaction with the group was expert, his ability to engage, inspire and shift thought patterns is outstanding, and his character and warmth really facilitated the student’s ability to start to process the impact of what had happened.  He also worked with our staff to introduce the chimp model and how it could support their work in the classroom and beyond, and this has helped all of our teachers and support staff to better understand how young people think and behave, and what we can do to help them, and to help themselves.”

Mr R Beeden
Hope Valley College

“Thanks for delivering a really interesting and stimulating day. The fact that we had to look at ourselves first before considering the implications of the chimp model for use with primary age children was just what we were looking for. Regular opportunities to reflect on different aspects of the model, tied in with Ben’s interesting and friendly
way of presenting made it an enjoyable learning day.
The feedback has been really positive and enthusiastic from the delegates. Our next step for the schools is to plan the way ahead in implementing some of the ideas and strategies we learned yesterday for ourselves, other therefore in turn have a positive impact on our young learners.
I would fully recommend the day for educators, not only for the benefits of the children but also personal development and well being.”

Alan Jones
Headteacher, Ysgol Nefyn

About Chimp Management

We are a unique company with a small number of specialist mentors all selected personally by our CEO, Professor Steve Peters. Everything we teach and facilitate is based on neuroscience and the findings of Prof Peters’ many years of work into the functioning and management of the mind.

Professor Steve Peters is the author of The Chimp Paradox, My Hidden Chimp & The Silent Guides. 

My Hidden Chimp is an educational book for primary school-aged children to work through with an adult or by themselves.

The book offers parents, teachers and carers some ideas and thoughts on how to help children to develop healthy habits for life.

It can be used in conjunction with our Primary School programmes, allowing pupils to continue developing their Chimp Management skills independently.