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Me and My Chimp Workshop Series

Building Emotional Skills in Young People

The Me and My Chimp Workshop series is a set of 4 workshops or lessons that help Primary age children to develop emotional skills.  

Students will learn how the mind works, in a simplified way. Using this knowledge, they will then discover skills and techniques to manage their own emotions. 

The series is split into for workshops:

1. The Brain

2. Taking Responsibility

3. Managing Your Chimp – Introducing the Toolbox

4. Managing Your Chimp – Using the Toolbox

The workshops can be adapted to suit your school’s individual needs and ability levels. For more information, contact us on the form below.



Workshop Overview

Workshop 1: The brain

Objectives for this session:

  1. For students to understand that they have two thinking areas of their brain and be able to identify and name them 
  2. For students to understand that they have a thinking brain which acts without their permission
  3. For students to understand that they are unique 


Workshop 2: Taking Responsibility

Objectives for this session:

  1. For students to understand that their actions have consequences
  2. For students to identify the role of their Chimp brain
  3. For students to understand the importance of saying sorry and making amends


Workshop 3: Managing your Chimp – Introducing the toolbox

Objectives for this session:

  1. For students to identify what their Chimp needs to feel nurtured
  2. For students to recognise when their Chimp is not in a good place
  3. For Students to be able to distinguish between an emotion and a thought


Workshop 4: Managing your Chimp – Using the toolbox

Objectives for this session:


  1. For students to recognise ‘Chimp’ language in themselves and others
  2. For students to be able to develop intervention strategies for themselves
  3. For students to have a management resource to take away from the session

About Chimp Management

We are a unique company with a small number of specialist mentors all selected personally by our CEO, Professor Steve Peters. Everything we teach and facilitate is based on neuroscience and the findings of Steve’s many years of work into the functioning and management of the mind and his creation of the Chimp Paradox Model.

Through the developments in neuroscience and The Chimp Model, we help people to understand how the mind is structured and how it functions.  This allows individuals to gain insight into their own mind and acquire the skills to be able to be more effective and successful in getting the best of out of themselves, others and challenging situations.

Professor Steve Peters is the author of the best selling books, The Chimp Paradox, My Hidden Chimp & The Silent Guides.


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