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Mind Management Skills for Life

Mind Management Skills for Life

Do you want to understand the way your mind works?

Through virtual group sessions, hosted live by a Chimp Management Mentor, you can expect to develop valuable insights into the functioning and optimisation of your own unique mind.

What is Mind Management Skills for Life?

This programme explains and simplifies the neuroscience of the mind, helping participants to understand how their mind works and then offers practical guidance to help them manage their mind. The programme is broken down into eight highly engaging and practical sessions; meaning participants can work on developing their mind management skills in a challenging yet supportive environment.

The eight 2-hour virtual workshops are held every two weeks and will help individuals to: Understand and manage emotions, improve self-confidence, help manage and deal with stress and improve relationships by understanding others.


    Live Workshops



    Hours of learning


    Individuals per programme


    per person

    Utilising The Chimp Model created by Prof Steve Peters

    Simplified Neuroscience backed by academic research

    16 hours of CPD-accredited online learning 

    This programme is based on the latest book by Prof Steve Peters ‘A Path through the Jungle’ and utilises the 8 stages to resilience and robustness.

    Stage one
    Stage 1: Understanding Your Mind

    An introduction to the neuroscience of the brain • An introduction to The Chimp Model • An understanding of the way the mind works


    Stage Two
    Stage 2: Emotional Management

    How the inner Chimp functions • Exploring drives, instincts and emotionally based thinking • Understanding your unique Chimp


    Stage Three
    Stage 3: Working with Emotions

    Ways to manage your Chimp • Nurturing your Chimp and harnessing its power


    skills for life
    Stage 4: Changing Habits

    The basis for changing beliefs and behaviours • Understanding the Computer • Managing the Chimp using the Computer


    Stage Five
    Stage 5: The Two Main Stabilisers of the Mind

    The main three factors that stabilise the mind • Setting up your own structures to stabilise your mind • How to apply the three stabilising factors


    Stage Six
    Stage 6: Creating a Stress-free Lifestyle

    Understanding stress signals • Turning stress and setbacks into positive action • Practical ways of establishing: Self-Esteem, Happiness and Confidence


    Stage Seven
    Stage 7: Optimising Interactions with Others

    Appreciating the mindset of others • Improving relationships •  Establishing your Troop • Communicating constructively 

    Stage Eight
    Stage 8: Putting it all Together

    The programme’s key points in summary • Plans for going forward • Reviewing personal goals • Questioning and troubleshooting


    What others think about our programme

    Before undergoing this training, a considerable amount of my own precious time would be wasted reflecting on situations that I could not change. This would largely involve questioning my own judgements (in a disparaging way), along with my own performance and outcomes. Since discovering the Chimp model, I now know that it was my chimp hard at work. 

    I had already listened to the A Path Through the Jungle, audiobook and looked at several sections of the printed book, but there is something about doing the course too that really cements Chimp Management into a way of thinking. I’ve realised several important breakthroughs this way that wouldn’t have happened from the book alone.

    I have learnt that I need to be more proactive about what happens in my life rather than reactive. I am trying to ensure that I have daily personal development time, recording this in written form, enabling me to plan ahead and then reflect later. I feel, most of the time, (still some work to do on some of my gremlins) I am more in control of my chimp and find myself saying “stop”.

    The Research Behind Mind Management Skills for Life | In collaboration with RDaSH and the University of Sheffield

    Chimp Management has delivered the Mind Management Skills for Life Programme as part of a National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) adopted Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) involving approximately 200 frontline nurses.

    Understanding The Chimp Model | The Mind Management Model by Prof Peters

    The Chimp Model is an incredibly powerful mind management model that can help you become a happy, confident, healthier, and more successful person. The Model offers a simplified way of understanding our two thinking brains and how we can learn to use them to the best of our ability.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I don't know if the Chimp Model is right for me, how can I find out more?

    We have several ways to begin to learn about the Chimp Model:

      • The Troop  – Our free online platform to learn more about The Model and how to apply it
      • A Path through the Jungle – Prof Peters’ newest book and companion guide for the Mind Management Skills for Life Programme
      • My Hidden Chimp  – Prof Peters’ book to support Children
      • The Chimp Model – Further information on the Chimp Model
    Would this programme work for my child?

    Unfortunately, this programme is not aimed at children. Please find resources for children here:

      Is this a train the trainer programme?

      This programme is designed specifically for personal development. It cannot be used as a qualification or endorsement to practice or apply The Model to others.

      I want to do the programme, but I can't make the dates.

      We run regular programmes throughout the year. If you are unable to make the highlighted dates please join our waitlist to be the first to know when new dates are announced.

      Do I need anything else for the programme?

      The Mind Management Skills for Life programme is based on Professor Peters’ most recent book A Path through the Jungle. We would highly recommend having a copy of this to compliment your learning and development.

      My employer is happy to pay for the programme

      Please contact a member of the team at mmsfl@chimpmanagement.com and we will generate a payment link or invoice so that you are able to share this with your employer.

      Can I book a programme for my organisation?

      Yes, we deliver the programme to organisations both virtually and in person. To find out more please contact enquiries@chimpmanagement.com

      Who will host the programme?

      Your programme will be allocated a Chimp Management Psychological Skills Mentor who will support you throughout the eight stages. You can find out more about your Mentor on our meet the team page: Meet the Team

      Contact us
      I can't make one of the sessions.

      Please let us know if you are unable to make a session on mmsfl@chimpmanagement.com and we shall inform your mentor on your behalf. – We will recommend that you use the official handbook – A Path through the Jungle to catch up on the session content missed.

      What happens if I miss a session?

      If you miss a session, please use your copy of the official Mind Management Skills for Life handbook, A Path through the Jungle. Each stage of the programme directly reflects a stage in the book and will help you understand what you missed and progress with your learning.

      My plans have changed, and I can no longer complete the programme.

      Get in touch with us at mmsfl@chimpmanagement.com and we shall help you with your query personally.

      Can I make or have a recording of the session?

      Due to client confidentiality and copyright, we ask that you do not record any part of the workshop programme. Chimp Management will not record any session content without the prior agreement of those taking part.

      Can I have the presentation slides?

      We do not share any presentation slides due to licencing and copyright. All key learning points and areas are included within the handbook A Path through the Jungle.

      How do I get my certificate?

      After completing the programme, we will issue your digital certificate.

      How do I continue learning about the model?

      How do I continue learning about the model?

      We have a range of different ways to learn more about the Chimp Model

      What is CPD?

      CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and is the term used to describe the learning activities professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities.

      Find out more

      Join the Mind Management Skills for Life waitlist

      We are sorry that we have limited space and dates for our programmes but we will be releasing more dates regularly.