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Workshops & Keynotes

Our Core Areas

Although every organisation is unique, many face similar challenges when building and maintaining effective teams. To help with these common challenges, we have collated our expertise to design a selection of workshops and keynotes to optimise individual and team performance.

Each of our sessions can be delivered as a stand-alone training or as part of a longer term development programme. Sessions can be delivered via workshop or keynote format to accommodate for both interactive and lecture style delivery.


Why do you think, feel & act the way you do?

Optimising the Performance of the Human Mind

Understand your mind with neuroscience insights and practical skills.

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How do I build resilience to achieve success?

Building Resilience: The Basis for Success

Explore emotions, manage self, and build team resilience.

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Am I committed to my best performance?

Creating High Performance

Overcome emotional hijacks, enhance consistency, and thrive under pressure.

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What can I do to reduce stress and prevent burnout?

How to Turn Stress into Action

Insights to recognise, understand and proactively address stress signals effectively.

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Can we learn to embrace change?

Embracing Change to Create Opportunity

Cultivate resilience and adaptability to effectively embrace change.

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What makes an effective leader?

Leadership: Insights for Effective Leaders

Enhance your leadership skills, drive team performance, and lead with confidence.

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How do I get myself into a good place?

Addressing Health & Wellbeing

Understand the impact of mental wellbeing on your daily functioning and success.

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How can I create a programme that works for my team?

Bespoke workshops and keynotes

We excel in tailoring our programmes to suit your team and reach your unique objectives.

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Mind Management Skills for Life

Mind Management Skills for Life

CPD-accredited eight-stage programme

Utilising Prof Steve Peters’ latest book “A Path through the Jungle’ this is a psychological health and wellbeing programme to develop robustness and resilience.

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Not sure what workshop is right for you and your team?

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In Person or Virtual with Q&A

By offering a range of delivery options, we can cater to different group sizes and preferences, ensuring an effective and tailored learning experience for your team or organisation. Whether you choose a keynote, workshop, or hybrid session, you can expect engaging, insightful, and customised content that meets your specific learning objectives.

All our deliverys are available as in person and digital presentations and each include a Q&A.


Duration Participants
1hr 30+
  • Suitable for larger groups
  • Practical, reflective, and thought-provoking learning
  • Ideal for delivering engaging content in a lecture-style format


Duration Participants
2hr 5 – 30
  • Ideal for smaller participant numbers

  • Offers an interactive group experience

  • Facilitates active participation, discussions, and hands-on learning


Duration Participants
2hr 30+
  • Suitable for larger groups
  • Practical, reflective, and thought-provoking learning
  • Ideal for delivering engaging content in a lecture-style format

Our Experience

Chimp Management has a proven track record of collaborating with elite clients across various sectors, including public, private, and sports industries. We have designed and implemented a diverse range of programs that tackle essential challenges in individual and organizational well-being and performance.

Chimps react, 

Humans respond.

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