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Performing on stage can be one of the most incredibly rewarding experiences.  However, as a performer standing in the wings about to go on stage, you will probably have experienced some of the following: shaky hands, feeling sick, trembling voice and a voice inside your head saying why do you keep putting yourself through this?   For some performers, this is all part of their preparation and they step out onto the stage and perform brilliantly, but for many, these feelings can really get in the way of them being able to tap into their talent and perform at their best.

We use The Chimp Model to help performers gain insight into their unique minds and help them develop practical tools and techniques to manage their thoughts, feelings and behaviours more effectively.  This can be focused on areas such as:


  • Performance anxiety
  • Preparing for auditions
  • Managing rejection
  • Getting the best out of your practice sessions
  • Struggling with the pressure of expectation
  • Improving confidence
  • Developing mental resilience

What We Do

We have worked with some of the world’s top artists in the performing arts, using our powerful mind management model to help them optimise their performance, giving them the edge to perform successfully across a range of high-pressure situations. 

This professional violinist highlights how the Chimp Model has helped them:

“Using the chimp model has, without doubt, changed my attitude to performance and transformed my career. It provides a simple and clear understanding of what is happening (stage fright), why it happens and the choices you can make to avoid this.” 

We work with individual performers on a 1:1 basis and also run workshops for groups of performers, drama schools, music colleges, ballet schools and dance academies.    These range from a stand-alone workshop, to a bespoke programme of workshops.  All of our sessions can be delivered both digitally and in person. 

What Others Say…

The Chimp Management model is a hugely powerful system for understanding your own and others’ minds. In my opinion, nothing I have come across is so good at explaining why sometimes people think and act in ways that are clearly not helpful to them.
The things I learned are invaluable to me as an athlete, but, in some ways more importantly, are not just limited to the sporting world and are applicable, useful and powerful in day to day living.

Etienne Stott, Olympic Slalom Canoeist

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