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People come to us when they feel they are stuck and need help understanding what is going on in their head. For example, you might be finding it hard to make decisions, and this is causing you stress. You might want to improve your performance in a certain area of your life but don’t know how.

We work with you individually to help you understand what is going on in your mind using the Chimp Model. Once you have this insight we help you to develop an action plan to help you move forward. We know everyone is different so we take the time to really understand you and your situation.

Themes we commonly cover with individuals are:

• Physically and psychologically Understanding yourself
• Gaining insights into how you behave and think
• Acquiring skills to manage emotions and behaviours
• Understanding others and how to help improve relationships (professional and personal)
• Learning how to improve your chances of being happy, successful and confident
• Developing good self-esteem

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What Others Say…

“Life Changing…. Truly Life changing, Big Thank you!“
“Really worthwhile, Sarah was fantastic, really professional but friendly and encouraging”
“Very helpful and thought provoking. A calming influence for my family and I”
“Thank you, I have gained so much from the course, it has completely changed my mindset and I am much more aware of how I react to things”
“A hugely beneficial course for my professional and personal life and though my work/life balance is still a work in progress, I have confidence that I will achieve my happiness targets. The presentations were well structured and provided a great insight to the basics from the book”

– Various GP’s

West Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group

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