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The Psych Check

What, Who & Benefits?

The Psych Check is a way of gaining insight into how you believe you are currently functioning.

  • Your psychological well-being will be assessed.
  • Your scores will then be presented back to you.
  • They'll be accompanied with an outline of what your scores mean in real terms and how they relate to your day to day functioning.
  • Additionally we'll outline plans for working on areas that need improvement and how you could go about working on those changes with practical plans.

The Psych Check is for anyone wanting to gain insight into how well they are functioning in terms of their psychological well-being and their quality of life.

You will gain insight into how you believe you are currently functioning with regards to your emotional and psychological well-being.

Clients have commented that it has made them think about and reflect aspects of their emotional well-being and quality of life.

In turn this has provided them with the opportunity to make positive changes in their lives.

For more info. please see our Psych Check pages.

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Helping people get the best out of themselves and others.

Bookings call 0114 246 0580 or 07885 991557 (Bev)
Chimp Management Ltd: Psychological Skills Mentoring
Bookings call 07885 991557 (Bev)
Bookings call 0114 246 0580


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Chimp Management Ltd offers bespoke

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in Business, Sport, Health and Education settings. We also offer world-wide executive coaching services and individualised self-development services. These services and programmes apply Professor Steve Peters, our CEO’s The Chimp Model to your need, developing your emotional skills to enable you to get the best out of yourself and others. Our events, consultancy and sessions are facilitated by our team of Psychological Skills Mentors personally selected, overseen and continuously trained by Professor Steve Peters himself.