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Each of our conferences aims to give you insight into your own mind and the minds of others. We have a variety of specialised events throughout the year and would love you see you there.

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4th October 2023 | For those in sport at any level

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Practical Plans for Optimising

Performance in Sport

This one-day conference is dedicated to helping those within sport (at any level) to better understand and manage their mind to optimise their performance.

Simplified Neuroscience

Maintaining Positive Change

Personalised Plans

7th December 2023 | Christmas Themed Conference

Professor Steve Peters’

Charity Christmas Conference

Prof Peters will host an interactive day of emotional skills training to help you prepare for the yuletide-season and beyond during his entertaining Christmas-themed conference. All proceeds from the conference will be donated to charity.

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Christmas themed

Hosted by Prof Peters

Charity Conference

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