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Helping People to Get the Best out of Themselves and Others

During these unprecedented times, it is normal to feel a degree of worry or anxiety. Our mentors are working hard to help offer support and guidance to those who are dealing with the new changes brought about by the current circumstances.

As a company, we have implemented changes to the way we work to enable us to continue to offer our services to those in need. We will be offering a range of services that are available online using video conferencing. Please click on the buttons below to find out more or contact us on the form below.



Webinars are a chance to take part in a group led discussion, facilitated by one of our trained mentors.

Business Services

Evidence shows that people perform better at work when they are in a good place. We offer a range of business services, including executive coaching and workshops, tailored to your organisation.

The Troop

The Troop is an online platform for you to develop and learn new skills and learn more about who you are.

We are currently offering free membership to The Troop until the 31st December 2020.

Skills for Life

Our Skills for Life mind-management programme has been developed to help people gain an in-depth insight into their mind using The Chimp Model.

We deliver this 8-workshop programme to a range of organisations, from small companies to large scale organisations, including NHS staff and school teachers.


We are currently working in collaboration with Rotherham Doncaster & South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH) on a first of its kind research study which focuses on staff well-being through the lens of The Chimp Model.

Education & Schools

We optimise whole school performance by working with school leaders, leadership teams, staff, children and young people. By working with you to establish your clear outcome objectives, we will tailor a programme to suit your needs. Our approach is unique in helping you develop practical and emotional skills.

Individual Support

Talk on a one-to-one basis with one of our trained mentors. We offer consultations via Skype or Zoom, consultations typically last for 60 minutes. 

News & Updates

Our team will be posting regular updates with tips and ideas to help you in dealing with the changes in day-to-day life.

Annual Conference

Date Change: 10-11th November  5th-6th May 2021

A 2-day event helping you to get the best out of yourself and other people – with a focus on self-development, teams, neuroscience and the developing mind.

What is The Chimp Model?

The Chimp Model is an incredibly powerful mind management model that can help you become a happy, confident, healthier and more successful person.

What We Do

We’ve helped lots of people achieve their goals in various backgrounds by helping them apply The Chimp Model. Find out how we can help you here.

Charity Work

Chimp Management Ltd is an organisation whose primary focus is supporting people to achieve a better quality of life.


Webinars are a chance to take part in a group led discussion, facilitated by one of our trained mentors. During the 60-minute session, you will exchange experiences and ideas with other like-minded people with one of our team on hand to offer guidance and insight. Our webinars can be tailored to suit your business or organisations objectives, contact us to find out more.

  • Does uncertainty cause you to experience stress and anxiety?
  • Would it be beneficial to have skills to understand the mind and manage your stress and anxiety during these times? 

This webinar will explore the choice you have in how you respond as opposed to react during uncertainty; a key part of this includes gaining insight and understanding of stress and anxiety and how we can better manage it.

We are currently experiencing extraordinary times and dealing with uncertainty every day. How can you know the best course of action when trying to make decisions in the midst of all of this?

You might be finding yourself trying to make decisions, both large and small, with very little information to help you to make a logical, rational decision. Do you experience the “But what if…..?” playing round and round in your head?

This webinar will explore what happens in our minds during times of uncertainty and how feeling out of control can cause changes in your behaviour. It will help you to understand the impact stress can have on your clarity of thinking and use the Chimp Model to offer practical skills and techniques to help manage this.

Why is it that when times are tough, we often stray away from doing the things that we know work, to help us to be our best? What can you do to help manage this?

This webinar will help you to explore, using the Chimp Model, ways to enable you to be the person you want to be, even across challenging and uncertain times.

Given everything that is going on in the world around us right now, lots of us are finding ourselves trying to prepare to have difficult conversations both in our personal and professional lives.

Most of us know all the key elements involved in handling a difficult conversation, however despite knowing this, in reality, it is often really difficult to put this into practice.  Why is this?

This webinar will use the neuroscience of how our mind works to look at what happens in our minds when we prepare for and engage in difficult conversations.  

Working from home can sound like an appealing situation, but faced with the reality are you struggling to engage and get work done?

Time away from difficult work colleagues might be a benefit, but what are the emotional impacts of being isolated from your team?

Sometimes working from home can stop your home from actually feeling like home.

During this webinar, you will explore how understanding the neuroscience of the mind can help you to plan and manage your way through these fast-changing times, and help you to get the best out of yourself when working from home.

Individual Support

People come to us when they feel they are stuck and need help understanding what is going on in their head. For example, you might be finding it hard to make decisions, and this is causing you stress. You might want to improve your performance in a certain area of your life but don’t know-how.

We work with you individually to help you understand what is going on in your mind using the Chimp Model. Once you have this insight we help you to develop an action plan to help you move forwards. We know everyone is different so we take the time to really understand you and your situation.

We offer 1:1 consultations via Skype or Zoom with a fully trained and supervised Chimp Management mentor, consultations typically last for 60 minutes. Please contact us for more details.

News & Updates

Our team will be posting regular updates with tips and ideas to help you in dealing with the changes in day-to-day life. You can view our most recent news below, or you can visit our news and updates page to follow all our updates.


Kim Blakey: My Hidden Chimp Habit 10 – ‘Doing What You Have To Do’

28th May 2020

Kim introduces the tenth ‘helpful habit’ from Professor Steve Peters’ book My Hidden Chimp… doing what you have to do!

Tim Talks – Loss of Identity

27th May 2020

Tim Buckle discusses a loss of identity. How would you describe yourself?

Dean Coomer – Being Kind to Strangers

23rd May 2020

Dean Coomer discusses being kind to strangers and the impact this can have on others.

The Silent Guides

The Silent Guides is a companion book to My Hidden Chimp

During our childhood, we learn to manage emotions and thinking by developing coping strategies. These strategies, whether helpful or unhelpful, often progress into habits for life – our Silent Guides. The book explores some neuroscience and psychological aspects of the developing mind, unconscious thinking, behaviours, habit formation and related topics in an easy to understand way. It then offers practical ideas and thoughts for the reader to reflect on using 10 helpful habits as examples.

My Hidden Chimp

My Hidden Chimp is an educational book for children to work through with an adult or by themselves. The book offers parents, teachers and carers some ideas and thoughts on how to help children to develop healthy habits for life.

The science behind the habits is discussed in a practical way with exercises and activities. The neuroscience of the mind is simplified for the children to understand and then use to their advantage.

The Chimp Paradox

Professor Steve Peters explains the struggle that takes place within your mind and then shows how to apply this understanding to every area of your life so you can:

  • Recognise how your mind is working
  • Understand and manage your emotions and thoughts
  • Manage yourself and become the person you would like to be

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