About Us

Fundamental to how we work as a team is our individual and collective desire to help others be the best they can be in their life or chosen field. We each believe that life is for living, and by living, we mean living fully with confidence, happiness and great success!

Our team comprises a small number of skilled and experienced psychologists and psychiatrists who have worked with the model for a number of years with notable success in health, business and Olympic sport. Each member of the team has undergone a number of years of supervision in the model with Prof. Peters, the Psychiatrist who developed the model, and has contributed to the transference and application of the model in their respective area of expertise.

As a team we have positioned ourselves as Mentors in order to work collaboratively with our clients who we term as students. We believe that at the core of our approach is a skill which is a skill for life, and hence we are continually learning how to develop and refine this skill. In addition, nothing in life stays the same and as we navigate through life, working with the machine in our heads will require different emphasises in order to support our psychological fitness, happiness and success.