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Mental Health in Athletes – Who Cares?

When an athlete develops a mental health problem s/he will often be less able to access timely and high quality health care. The reasons for this are complex but becoming better understood. Research tells us not just about the extent of mental health problems in the sports arena, but is now helping us understand how and why problems emerge and what is best practice at all points along the treatment and care pathway. Featuring a ‘Psychological Treatment – an overview’ session from our Director Kate Goodger, with the conference keynote by our CEO Prof. Steve Peters, prevention; pre-habilitation; treatment and rehabilitation will be explored and the premise that there is parity of esteem between the mental health care of athletes and their physical health care will be discussed and challenged.

The conference is hosted by Chelsea Football Club (Stamford Bridge, London, UK) and is on Thursday 22nd June 2017.

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