We apply the Chimp Model to the world of work, helping you to get the best out of yourself, as well as out of your work colleagues, partners, customers and clients.


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The practical approach that we take in the Chimp Mind Management Programme will help you to understand yourself and others better, communicate more effectively, plan for success and manage the challenges and pressures of working in the 21st century.

“My team has shifted from being a talented group of individuals, largely doing their own thing, to a group that can challenge each other on really difficult issues, with the best outcome in mind. Gold dust.”  Sue Garrard, Global Senior Vice President, Communications, Unilever.

We offer a wide range of ways of helping you and your organisation to improve performance and wellbeing – from one-off introductory talks to longer-term programmes for achieving sustainable change.

We work with organisations of all shapes and sizes and from all industry sectors – be they private, public or not-for-profit.  Our Corporate Programmes team can help you to address your challenges at any level within your organisation – individual, executive and senior leadership teams, or whole department or organisation.

  • Introductory Talks – from short-and-sharp 15-minute-long overview sessions for large-scale learning and development events, to 90-minute presentations to groups ranging from a handful of people to a hall-full.
  • Workshops to progress your understanding of how to use the Chimp Model to understand others better, communicate more effectively, plan for success and manage the pressures and uncertainties of work
  • Individual mentoring services to help you identify and work towards achieving change in your work and life.

Conference 1 v2                 women in conversation                 Workshop 1 v2

So, if you want to be a better leader and develop the next generation of leaders, foster a culture of engagement in which creativity flourishes and people are more willing to manage risk, and improve confidence, success and happiness across your organisation, Chimp Management is ready to help you.

For further information about our programme of short and impactful workshops run in your workplace, and how we have helped other organisations, please get in touch via our Contact Us page.

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