Developing Insight and Emotional Skill in Education


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In our work we aim to enable school leaders, staff, and children and young people to gain insight into themselves and others, and develop emotional skills to improve happiness, confidence, and success. Measurable outcomes from working with us and our programmes can include:

  • Managing conflict
  • Building self-esteem and confidence
  • Managing unhelpful emotional responses such as anger and frustration
  • Recognising and dealing with stress
  • Making effective decisions
  • Creating the ‘right’ environment to enable individuals and teams to thrive
  • Recognising emotional vs logical thinking
  • Becoming more emotionally robust
  • Coping with success and failure
  • Dealing with setbacks
  • Recognising your impact on others
  • Managing expectations
  • Gaining perspective

Our Services 

“Schools are ultimately about people and developing effective working relationships is at the heart of what Chimp Management do.”

Secondary Headteacher, Kirklees

We provide three potential tiers of delivery which can be offered as stand- alone options, or to run concurrently. The approach we offer is not a quick fix and as with any skill development, takes time to practice and embed. Our aim is to create programmes that are affordable to school budgets, and offer sustainability and longevity to school communities. The three tiers of delivery are:

  1. Building leadership capacity
  2. Optimising success for teachers
  3. Supporting emotional needs and emotional skill development in children and young people