Self Development

Self development services for members of the public.

We offer a range of services to help you develop your mind management skills to better understand and better manage your unhelpful and unwanted thoughts and feelings.

Lacking confidence, feeling disorganised, feeling indecisive, worrying about what others might think, feeling anxious, worrying about making mistakes, feeling ineffective are all common and very normal.

By developing your mind management skills through the Chimp Model, you can learn to understand and manage the way in which your mind works, which can increase your chances of being happy and successful in whatever you choose to do.


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Our services:

Workshops & Seminars

Whether you have read The Chimp Paradox or not, our practical workshops are designed to help you discover how your mind works and how to better manage it to get the best out of yourself and those around you.

Click here for details of all our up-coming public workshops and seminars.

Click here for frequently-asked questions (FAQ) about our workshops.

1:1 Consultations

IMAGE - SD Speech bubblesIf you have personal issues you wish to discuss privately, or if you want to improve your mind management skills on a 1:1 basis, we offer 1:1 consultations in private offices or via with a fully trained and supervised Chimp Management mentor.

Click here for further details of our 1:1 services.

Psych Check

This is a journey through your current psychological functioning and well-being. Completing it offers you a chance to stop for a few moments and reflect on how you are doing and take stock. You will receive a fully personalised report…


nature-sky-sunset-man-largeWorking with my mentor is the most valuable time I’ve spent in years. I’m happier, healthier and have a much clearer understanding of the career and personal life that will bring me most happiness and success in the future.”

(J, Marlow).


“It’s been a fascinating experience, working with Chimp Management. I understand the way my brain and my emotions work so much better than before, which has been helpful in itself. But most remarkable is the change it’s made to the way I feel: I honestly would not have believed how much happier, calm and more confident I have become after only a few sessions.”

(C, Cambridge).


sky-woman-clouds-sun-large“In the short time I have been seeing my Chimp Management mentor for 1:1 sessions I have seen an exponential difference in my ability to cope with the pressures of my job. Nothing has changed in my circumstances, but it might as well have had. I feel in control and I am already gaining valuable insight in to my chimp.

Just three months ago I was really was struggling with the extensive pressures of a hard work environment, now while I am facing real challenges, I am actually able to enjoy them rather than be consumed by them. It’s very gratifying.

I’m a work in progress of course, but I’m grateful for that. I genuinely look forward to my meetings with with my mentor; they’re challenging, but incredibly rewarding and most importantly The Chimp Paradox really works for me.”

(B, London)


“I saw Steve Peters speak at a conference 18 months ago and was sold on the model immediately. It just made complete sense. Identifying my chimp was easy – managing it has been trickier! I’ve been having 1:1 sessions for a year and they’re invaluable. Lately I have really dedicated myself to applying what I’ve learnt on a daily basis. And the results are astonishing. With a little bit of dedication and effort I’m calmer and just generally more able to deal with stressful situations – and there have been a few! I’m a huge advocate – of the model, of individual sessions and of my mentor.”

(S, London)