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Jess Wall

Psychological Skills Mentor
Jess Wall

Jess’ career has spanned a wide range of activities in both the public and private sector and has always been characterised by helping people to get the best of their lives through understanding their own underlying beliefs, behaviours and unconscious ‘rules’. The breadth of Jess’ work has taken her around the world and she uses her linguistic skills not only to communicate but also as a key tool to help understand how her clients are viewing the world.

Prior to joining the Chimp team, Jess was responsible for community wellbeing education, training corporates and education leaders in communication skills whilst also running her own coaching business. She worked with all ages from 7 to 87 and from all sorts of backgrounds. Jess’ key principle in her work is that each and every one of us is unique and has a one-off perspective on life, becoming aware of that perspective is key.

Jess works with empathy and insight, gently helping people to uncover their own unconscious patterns, behaviours and beliefs. Her clients have made tiny tweaks or seismic shifts to move their lives to where they want them to be. Her work training educational leaders and C-Suite executives in Successful Communication has resulted in people having quick, honest and stress-free conversations.

A sense of humour and a dynamic approach means that keynote audiences, small groups or one to one clients are all left energised and thirsty to manage their Chimps and their lives more efficiently.

Areas of Expertise

Previously, Jess has worked with people in the following areas:


✓ Business


Education icon

✓ Education

Primary Schools

Secondary Schools

Education and Training Founation

Trainer/Presenter for Heads Up Ltd

Personal Development

✓ Personal Development

Family Relationships

Children and Young People


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She also works with individuals, from all walks of life, on a one-to-one basis through our mind management coaching service.

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“Jess was an incredible speaker! She was obviously extremely knowledgeable and was able to improve on the stop responses for everyone. She made the content fun as she was delivering it to us and she pitched it at a level that everyone could understand. In fact, the breakout group that I was in (me and two other girls) for 3 of the exercises- we have set up a Chimp Troop meeting for us to all meet up again because we bonded over the conversations that we had. Jess is awesome!”

Professional Credentials

  • Member of ANLP, cognitive behavioural coach (Association of Coaches)
  • BA University of Liverpool
  • NLP Master practitioner and associate trainer
  • Certificate in Coaching Psychology and Counselling
  • Qualified teacher of adults
  • Mental health first aid trainer

Interesting Fact

In my spare time, I like to tread the boards of local theatre and challenge my Chimp to embrace new characters.

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