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Clinical Trial concludes our Mind Management Skills for Life programme is effective in improving occupational burnout and well-being in NHS mental healthcare professionals.

Chimp Management is proud to announce the publication of a groundbreaking study that shows the effectiveness of the Mind Management Skills for Life Programme in reducing occupational burnout among NHS nurses. The study, conducted by Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust and The University of Sheffield, involved 173 mental health nurses during the acute phase of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, a time of great stress and uncertainty for healthcare providers.

The eight-workshop programme introduced the healthcare professionals to The Chimp Management® Mind Model to help them to understand and explore the mind and gain skills in robustness and resilience. The results of the study highlight statistically significant reductions in burnout and increase in well-being.

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Professor Steve Peters, Consultant Psychiatrist and CEO of Chimp Management, Professor Jaime Delgadillo, Director of Psychological Therapies Research at RDaSH NHS Foundation Trust, Dr Graeme Tosh Executive Medical Director RDaSH NHS Foundation Trust

Professor Jaime Delgadillo, Director of Psychological Therapies Research at RDaSH NHS Foundation Trust, commented:

“Occupational burnout is a major problem in the NHS, with adverse consequences for staff and patients – a situation which has been exacerbated by Covid-19. Finding effective solutions to remedy and to prevent burnout in healthcare professionals is a critical challenge. This study is an important development in this regard, as the study was conducted during the acute phase of the pandemic, a time of great uncertainty and stress for healthcare providers. It is remarkable that this intervention helped to reduce burnout levels in nursing staff during such challenging circumstances.”

Research Article

Pragmatic randomized controlled trial of the Mind Management Skills for Life Programme as an intervention for occupational burnout in mental healthcare professionals

Received 07 Jun 2022, Accepted 16 Nov 2022, Published online: 16 Mar 2023

What is Mind Management Skills for Life?

Our 8-stage programme provides attendees with the ability to better understand how their mind works and then offers practical guidance to help them manage their mind. The programme is broken down into eight highly engaging and practical sessions; meaning participants can work on developing their mind management skills in a challenging yet supportive environment.

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