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Annual Conference 18-19th May 2022




With Guest Speaker Sir Chris Hoy


Join Professor Steve Peters and his team of Psychological Skills Mentors for our ‘Applying Emotional Skills’ conference in Sheffield on the 18th-19th May 2022.

The two-day event offers access to a selection of unique workshops and keynotes, each session is designed by Professor Peters to simplify the neuroscience of the mind with accompanying practical skills to improve psychological wellbeing.

Our Conference is Sold Out

Please contact us on 0114 220 3716 or email enquiries@chimpmanagement.com to be added to our waitlist.

The conference aims to help you to learn how The Chimp Model can enhance your individual (and team’s) performance when adopting and applying essential mind management skills.

Chris Hoy

6 time Olympic gold medallist and 11 times World Champion Sir Chris Hoy will be sharing his experiences with Professor Peters on how The Chimp Model has helped him to become one of the greatest athletes the UK has ever seen.

Our Conference is Sold Out

Please contact us on 0114 220 3716 or email enquiries@chimpmanagement.com to be added to our waitlist.

Choose your workshops

The conference offers a unique range of engaging workshops and thought-provoking keynote speeches. Each session is designed to help you gain valuable insight into the functioning of the mind and practical skills to help you and your team to optimise psychological wellbeing and performance.

Workshop Theme 1


This series of workshops will explore the various relationships that we develop in all areas of our life. They will consider how we can optimise and build constructive and lasting relationships.

Workshop 1 

– Personal relationships

Workshop 2 

– Professional relationships

Workshop 3 

– The relationship with self 

Workshop Theme 2

Reviewing Performance: Constructive Assessments

This series of workshops will consider the neuroscience underpinning how we can link assessments to improved performance. Practical elements will be included.

Workshop 1

– Assessing yourself constructively

Workshop 2 

– Assessing teams to improve performance 

Workshop 3 

– Troubleshooting how we assess and measure performance 

Workshop Theme 3

Managing Deceit from

the Mind

This series of workshops will give insights into how the mind can deceive us, resulting in stress and unease. They will offer solutions, preventative methods to counter deceit and troubleshoot some common problems.

Workshop 1 

– Self-deceit 

Workshop 2 

– Deceit by others

Workshop 3 

– Avoiding deceit and troubleshooting

The Quays Hotel, Sheffield 

A scenic waterfront location near Sheffield city centre. Close to the M1 Motorway and only a short walk from the train and coach stations.

The Quays Hotel min

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What others say

“I liked the fact we were constantly encouraged to seek help if we were triggered by any past event
or emotion and encouraged to seek mentor help. The Ronnie O’Sullivan interview
was very interesting”

“The presentations and presenters were excellent. The information was clear, easy to understand and reaffirmed my belief in the Chimp model as a means to continue improving my life.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience! Very informative and captivating mentor’s and of course great to hear from the man himself Professor Peters.”

“The organisation was superb, not one thing left to chance, even the sweets! I liked the themes of the sessions and I liked that Prof Steve was present and accessible.”

“The variety of presenting styles, backgrounds and knowledge. Of course the material, left me wanting to know more and with an energy to make changes”