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Chimp Management Third Annual Conference:

Neuroscience of the Mind With Practical Application

6th – 7th May 2020

Tankersley Manor Hotel, Sheffield

A 2-day event helping you to get the best out of yourself and other people – with a focus on self-development, teams, neuroscience and the developing mind.

You will learn through workshops and keynote speeches, presented by Professor Steve Peters and the Chimp Management team. There will be workshops aimed at helping corporate clients, individuals, educators and parents. 



(Early-bird rate)

As a delegate you will choose from 2 of 3 areas to focus on.

Each area will have three workshops with a different theme for each one.

All of the workshops will involve Chimp Management mentors presenting knowledge and information, followed by discussion and exercises in small group work.

The 3 areas we will focus on this year are:

6th – 7th May 2020

Tankersley Manor Hotel, Sheffield




(Early-bird rate)


3 workshops that will offer insights into how you interact with other people. You will gain an understanding of how to work effectively with others, how to manage difficult people and how to inspire.

1. Inspiring others

Active listening: Demonstrating appreciation: Empowering with offers/suggestions: Helping to set meaningful goals: Reviewing (with their definition of encouragement).

2. Managing conflict and “difficult” people

Forming a structured plan: Reviewing how you see them: Managing their Chimp: Helping to address beliefs and behaviours: Re-setting into Human mode: Agreeing standards and behaviours.

 3. Effective working

Effective and efficient working compared; Job description or work output; Maximising output; Measuring progress.

Neuroscience and development

3 workshops focussing on neuroscience and the developing mind. You will gain an understanding of how we process information, how to choose logic above emotions and the effects hormones play on the mind.

1. How we process information

How we interpret experiences; How to process an unwelcome experience; How to revise interpretations; Managing emotional scars.

2. Developing rational pathways in the brain

Rationality and logic; How to choose logic above emotion; How we reinforce pathways; Why logic can fail us; Facts before logic; habit formation.

3. Hormonal effects on the mind

From child to teenager; Adult hormones and mood states; Managing the influences of hormones; Hormones and transmitters interacting.


3 workshops focussing on personal development. These workshops will explore the relationship you hold with yourself, how to manage your Chimp and the importance of managing Goblins and Gremlins. 

1. Exploring, understanding and building self

Analysing the relationship with self; Self-image; Self-worth; Self-esteem; Self-confidence; How to improve all aspects to increase resilience and peace of mind.

2. How to manage an overactive Chimp

Recognising the function and agenda of your Chimp; an inept best friend; Solution-finding reassurances; Practical ways to keep your Chimp settled.

3. Goblin or Gremlin?

The importance of distinguishing between them; Managing either one; The different functions of Autopilots and the Stone of Life; Establishing grade “A” hits.

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What Others Say…

Please could you also pass on my thanks to all the mentors running the sessions that I attended today.  They were all very professionally run with very interesting content and I am now reflecting on the learnings that I took from each of them and, in particular, my unconscious beliefs and the impact these have and how I can reprogram these..”

“It seemed that lots of thought and effort had been put into making the two days a great experience and maximising our opportunities to learn. My only regret is that I did not attend last year.”

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