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Professor Peters Develops Programme to Improve Wellbeing and Reduce Burnout

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Chimp Management has developed an eight-workshop psychoeducational programme to help people understand the workings of their mind and how they can improve their mind management skills. The Mind Management: Skills for Life programme is designed to help organisations and individuals reduce stress, anxiety and self-doubt whilst improving confidence, communication, relationships and overall happiness and wellbeing.

The programme has been developed by Chimp Management CEO and Consultant Psychiatrist Professor Steve Peters. Professor Peters specialises in the functioning of the human mind and created the widely adopted Chimp Model. The Model simplifies the complexities of neuroscience and helps people to improve their mind management skills to become the best version of themselves. His work includes NHS Consultant, Forensic Psychiatrist, Senior Clinical Lecturer and Undergraduate Dean at Sheffield Medical School. Peters is also recognised within the world of elite sport with individuals such as Sir Chris Hoy, Steven Gerrard, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Sir Dave Brailsford, Victoria Pendleton and Jordan Henderson all publicly speaking about how his unique model has improved their performance.

The eight-session programme was recently implemented as a group-based intervention involving 200 teachers across multiple schools in England. The aim of the study was to assess the feasibility of implementing the programme and to help the participants to meet their personal goals and improve their mental wellbeing. The study was led by the RDaSH Centre for Psychological Research and used validated scientific scales to measure the effects on occupational burnout and psychological wellbeing. Preliminary findings from the study associated the intervention with a reduction in burnout and an improvement in wellbeing which was maintained for 8 weeks after the completion of the programme.

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Speaking after the research trial one teacher commented, “Being on the Chimp Management CPD has had a real impact on the way I see myself and situations in my life. In both my professional and personal life, I feel more able to manage difficult situations and the emotions that they evoke. Professionally I have found greater happiness within my role due to the way I now see myself and how I now deal with situations that arise during the day (especially ones that are beyond my control).”

Beverley Nesbitt, Deputy CEO Chimp Management, added; “We are pleased to be able to offer our Mind Management: Skills for Life programme at such a critical time. As we are all too aware the pandemic is continuing to have a huge adverse impact on the nation’s mental wellbeing. Based on neuroscience, the programme will offer participants insight into the functioning of the mind and how individuals can manage thoughts, emotions and behaviours to enhance their psychological performance. The results of our recent feasibility study are highly encouraging and further highlight The Model’s efficacy. We look forward to sharing further research findings in due course.”

The programme is already supporting a number of organisations within the public, private and sports sectors.

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