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Professor Steve Peters introduces The Chimp Management Mind Model to The Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge in his keynote: Neuroscience of the Mind Applied to Everyday Life.

The Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge invited Prof Peters to deliver his keynote presentation to introduce and provide a practical understanding of The Chimp Management Mind Model® to academics, teachers, neuroscientists, and school mentors.

The presentation is part of a collaboration between Chimp Management and the Faculty of Education which has seen volunteers from the Cambridge PGCE partnership’s network of 300 schools participate in several research studies. The research aims to evaluate the impact our Mind Management Model can have on improving well-being and reducing burnout within teaching staff.

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Commenting on their collaboration, Jane Warwick, PGCE Primary Programme Manager at the Faculty of Education, said, “Potentially, the idea has real mileage in initial teacher education, for beginning teachers, there’s often a lot of emotional challenge associated with having to deal with children, parents and colleagues in a setting where unexpected things can happen. The Chimp Model provides a really useful framework for handling that and is one of a number of tools new teachers can draw upon.”

PGCE staff members who took part in a feasibility study responded positively to the programme with many self-reporting improvements in their overall psychological well-being and reduced levels of burnout. One school leader who took part in the programme stated, “I feel that I am finally getting to know and really appreciate myself as a person. I am able to deal more calmly with last-minute changes and irritating situations at school, often asking for support from colleagues – something I would not have done previously.”

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What is Mind Management Skills for Life?

Our 8-stage programme provides attendees with the ability to better understand how their mind works and then offers practical guidance to help them manage their mind. The programme is broken down into eight highly engaging and practical sessions; meaning participants can work on developing their mind management skills in a challenging yet supportive environment.

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