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Primary Schools

Lessons, Assemblies & Workshops

Helping children in Primary School to better understand how their mind works will enable them to better manage themselves and their mental health throughout life. 

Using The Chimp Model, our team of Mentors can explain the neuroscience of the mind in a way that is both understandable and practical for primary age children.

Whether you are looking for a one-off assembly, pupil workshop or a longer-term programme, we are able to work with you to develop and provide engaging and fun learning that will help your students develop skills for life.

Workshops Objectives

All of our workshops and programmes will firstly introduce the cornerstones of The Chimp Model. This helps students to gain an understanding of how their mind works and what they can do to manage themselves. Some of the key points we help students to understand are:

  • Understanding the brain; that there are two thinking areas of their brain, be able to identify and name them
  • Understand that they and everyone is unique
  • Taking Responsibility; that their actions have consequences
  • Understand the importance of saying sorry and making amends
  • What being in a good place means and how to look after themselves
  • To distinguish between an emotion and a thought
  • How to recognise ‘Chimp’ language in themselves and others
  • To develop intervention strategies for themselves

To help teaching staff to support their pupil’s learning we offer a selection of companion workshops and programmes to help them adopt, apply and teach The Chimp Model to find out more visit our teacher pages.


Me and My Chimp Workshops

Building Emotional Skills in Young People

Me and My Chimp Workshop

Me and My Chimp Workshop Series

This series of four interactive workshops is aimed at primary aged children in Key stage 2 (Years 3 – 6). The aim of these sessions is to develop children’s understanding of how their mind functions and how they can manage both their mind and their emotions to be the best version of themselves.

Me and My Chimp Workshop

This one-hour interactive workshop introduces pupils in primary school to the world of neuroscience in a fun and simplified approach. It has been developed for Key stage learning 1 and 2.

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– An Introduction to The Chimp Model

This 45-minute interactive assembly has been developed to introduce The Chimp Model by using aspects of neuroscience in a lively, fun and engaging way.

It can be adapted to suit your school’s individual needs either as a whole school assembly or as individual sessions repeated throughout the day.

The assembly offers teachers and pupils an understanding of how different areas of the brain work and their purpose. Whilst highlighting strategies for managing unhelpful behaviours and taking responsibility for their actions. It also offers a shared language for use in and around the school.

Who We’ve Helped

These are just some of the schools and educational establishments we have worked with.

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