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Tockwith Church pf England Primary School

Thank you for the Chimp Management Training that you have carried out with the children at Tockwith School. The children engaged well at the time of the training and related to the Chimp Model. I wanted to let you know the impact of the sessions on the children after the training. 

At Tockwith the children complete a wellbeing survey in September and again at Easter. As Pastoral Lead, I use this survey to reflect on some of the children that need support. At these check-ins, the children would share with me their worries and concerns. The children were then able to relate these “feelings” with the way their brain was behaving through the Chimp Model. It gave a clear way for the children to reflect on their own feelings, which then enabled them to understand themselves better and find a clear way forward.

We will continue to use the Chimp Model daily at Tockwith.

Sarah Slack

Pastoral Lead, Tockwith Primary Academy

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Tockwith Church pf England Primary School

At Tockwith CE Primary, we have just completed 4 interactive workshops as part of the ‘Me and my Chimp Series’. These interactive workshops were delivered by the amazing Kimberley who made the material exciting, fresh and relevant.

All staff and children, who followed Kimberley through the sessions which focussed on building their emotional skills, had a really good understanding of the chimp model and how they can apply it to their own lives, essentially building up their own emotional toolbox.

What I have found particularly useful about the project is that it has provided us with consistency in use of language and support for children on their journey through the school and this is becoming embedded and supported by our pastoral team and our PSHE lessons. Children now use the Chimp language when talking about their feelings across the school.

Justin Reeve

Head Teacher, Tockwith Primary Academy


The preparation in terms of resources being sent in advance meant that teachers knew what to expect. The presentation of the content was very professional and entirely at the level of the children being taught. The staff were very impressed with the content and the delivery.

Jo Mould

Osbaldwick Primary Academy

Lakeside Primary School

Comprehensive understanding of the Chimp model at an appropriate level for all children throughout the school to understand.

Very well organised and excellent preparation beforehand.

Amazing day, very thought-provoking. As the children left for the day they were still talking about their Chimp.

Helen Hayes-Smith

Head Teacher, Lakeside Primary Academy

Stivichall Primary School

The session started very promptly and Tim was very welcoming and engaging for the children to listen to. Three of the group participated well and were able to reflect on their behaviour choices objectively, identifying when they are the best version of themselves and also when they aren’t. They responded well to Tim’s prompts and tried their best to complete the sheets accurately. They listened carefully to the information about human/chimp brains with interest and were keen to make the links with learning in our current Science topic which is Evolution and Inheritance. Even more explicit links would have made the theory of chimp management clearer to them.

Y6 Teacher

Stivichall Primary School

Hill Farm Primary

Tim was brilliant at engaging all the children, especially as the sessions had to be completed virtually. He explained the chimp model in an age-appropriate way. Since the session, some of the children have spoken about their chimps and gave examples of how they are looking after them such as not letting them get hungry or tired. 

Leah Hammond

Safeguarding and Pastoral Manager, Hill Farm Primary School

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The Ferncumbe C of E Primary School

Detailed discussions before the session ensured the training was pitch-perfect, well-resourced and our children got the most out of it. Although delivered remotely, Tim was able to personally connect with pupils and staff. I observed an impact on particular pupils that I hadn’t seen from any other professional intervention. There is so much value to the work the Chimp team are doing. I wish every pupil in the school could benefit from the same experience.

Heather Reid

Pastoral Manager, The Ferncumbe C of E VC Primary School

The responses of the children to a different way of thinking about themselves provoked some great interactions, thinking and reflection. Some key children, in particular, found this really helpful. As staff, we were interested to note the children who struggle with their own self-regulation seemed to identify strongly with this. Following the session, a number of children sought out the accompanying member of staff (ie TA) and spoke with them further about what they had learnt and wanted to talk about further. A key highlight was seeing a child who has had a lot to deal with in his life really click with the idea that he could exert control. All staff involved were really interested in how the session went and wanted to know if there were other resources.

Carol Brammer

Headteacher, Richard Lee Primary School

Charitable Chimps in School

Charitable Chimp 

In order to help, we created the “Me and My Chimp” workshop series, a collection of interactive workshops introducing primary students to the Chimp Model in a fun and lively way. This is called the ‘Charitable Chimp’. Find out more about the work we have done in schools now.

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