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Mind Management Skills for Life

Organisational Programme

Our CPD-accredited mind management programme is designed to help your organisation reduce occupational burnout and improve the psychological wellbeing of your team. This 8-workshop programme is carefully curated by your appointed Psychological Skills Mentor to offer insight into the functioning of the mind, and how to adopt effective mind management skills to optimise their thinking, emotions and behaviours.

The learning and development highlighted within the workshops will support your team’s professional and personal development and offers in-depth insight and practical application of The Chimp Model to help create a more cohesive and successful environment by helping to:

  • Manage stress & anxiety more effectively
  • Increase overall self-confidence
  • Develop skills of robustness and resilience
  • Improve communication and understanding of others
  • Understand and improve psychological wellbeing

What others say about Mind Management Skills for Life


“I have been working in the Learning & Development profession for around 30 years, running a wide range of programmes with many different providers and I can honestly say that none of them have been so impactful as the Skills for Life Programme.

Our employees’ level of self-awareness has increased dramatically, and I can see that they have been able to apply their learning immediately back to their working environment. This is an impressive and rewarding outcome and is making a real difference to our organisation.”

Liz Pillans,  L&D Lead, De’Longhi Group

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This course made a difference to my professional and personal life, it was profound! During the sessions, I learnt as much about myself (and, importantly my inner Chimp) as I did about how the students in our care in schools can use this resource and knowledge to manage their own emotions and behaviours.

Having attended over 100 courses in my professional career, this workshop stands out from the rest.

Jon Coward, School Improvement Partner, Cognita

What is the Mind Management Skills for Life Programme?

This programme explains and simplifies the neuroscience of the mind, helping participants to understand how their mind works and then offers practical guidance to help them manage their mind. The programme is broken down into 8 highly engaging and practical sessions; meaning participants can work on developing their mind management skills in a challenging yet supportive environment.

Skills for life

Workshop 1: Understanding Your Mind

An introduction to the neuroscience of the brain • An introduction to The Chimp Model • An understanding of the way the mind works


Skills for life

Workshop 2: Understanding Your Emotions

How the inner Chimp functions • Exploring drives, instincts and emotionally based thinking • Understanding your unique Chimp


Skills for life

Workshop 3: Managing Your Emotions

Ways to manage your Chimp • Nurturing your Chimp and harnessing its power


skills for life

Workshop 4: Exploring Belief and Behaviour Change

The basis for changing beliefs and behaviours • Understanding the Computer • Managing the Chimp using the Computer


skills for life

Workshop 5: Stabilising the Mind

The main three factors that stabilise the mind • Setting up your own structures to stabilise your mind • How to apply the three stabilising factors



Workshop 6: Stress Management and Building Quality of Life

Understanding stress signals • Turning stress and setbacks into positive action • Practical ways of establishing: Self-Esteem, Happiness and Confidence


skills for life

Workshop 7: Understanding Others and Interacting Effectively

Appreciating the mindset of others • Improving relationships •  Establishing your Troop • Communicating constructively 

Skills for life

Workshop 8: Summary and Going Forward

The programmes key points in summary • Plans for going forward • Reviewing personal goals • Questioning and troubleshooting


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The Research Behind

Mind Management Skills for Life

In collaboration with RDaSH

and the University of Sheffield

Chimp Management has delivered the Mind Management Skills for Life Programme as part of a National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) adopted Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) involving approximately 200 frontline nurses.

Steve Rdash

Pictured (from left to right): Dean Coomer, Dr Nav Ahluwalia, Professor Steve Peters, Victoria Laker, Kimberley Blakey, Louis Palmer – the research team involved in the randomised control trial.